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  1. You know I remember a historian talking about how inaccurate that one movie was where the Russians charged the Germans with some of their soldiers completely unarmed and were instructed to pick up a weapon from a fallen comrade when they went down…..but they’re practically doing that now

  2. well, history will repeat itself in rusia, in a couple of decades Putin will be seen as a hero for the rusian people just like Stalin is now even if his actions killed more than 5 million people, funny what you can do when you control the media and distort the truth. I believe the rusian people are a lost cause and they will never find their voice or gain control over their lives and government. Meat into the grinder, meat out of it…

  3. its the complete opposite to what VICE is telling you. this is information warfare to keep support for the war going. Ukraine has already been beaten since June. Now its Russia vs NATO!

  4. You can thank all the War Pigs in the wht hse for pumping billions of dollars into this blood sacrifice and perpetuating the slaughter of humanity. Everything about war is DEMONIC and our government is doing everything they can to cause chaos around the world. Stop spreading propaganda for the tyrants, unless you enjoy being part of the problem..

  5. This is the dumbest fu#@ing war ever.. shouldn’t have happened. What a putrid human being this so called “leader” of Russia is.
    He’s not leading. He’s sending his country backwards by decades, all the while disrupting the lives of millions. Putin is exactly the type of person this world in 2022 can do without. He should get over himself and save everyone the heartache…

  6. You really believe the Second exporter of arms and the country with the most resources is running out of weapons? This is the very basic of military strategy. Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. It's all planned and kept for the bigger fight that is coming. You are really childish and delusional, or you are being paid to spread western propaganda. The western propaganda machine is far far more sophisticated that the Russian. This could all be staged.

  7. I mean obviously no matter what war you think of and try to imagine in your head it's always going to be way worse conditions if you're actually there but this is just unreal LOL and quite frankly pathetic 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. "Crap tanks from the 60's." Well. The M1 was introduced into service in 1980 and the Leopard 2 is from the 70's. If you want to look smart I'd suggest you don't speak of things you know nothing about. A tank is way better than no tank. The M variant is also an upgraded version – done after the introduction of the M1. It's not a good tank against other more modern tanks, but it's a hell of a challenge for a bunch of regular soldiers armed with just a rifle.

  9. So America can't take in any( White)Ukrainen Refugees ,but can give there curropted government Billions of dollars (Hunter Biden worked for Ukrains government/ 10% for the Big Guy) The White House and Liberals just hate white people so much that they're giving billions of dollars in weapons to White Ukrainens to kill White Russians . So the two biggest White Countries are fighting each other and genociding each other of the face of the planet earth! Exactly what O'BIDEN Wants!

  10. I'm not sure how much of this I believe 🤔 or at least, is it quite as bad as western & Ukrainian media is insisting?
    I wish we had more non-biased news sources from this war 😞 we'll probably only learn the truth years from now.

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