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  1. Everyone should just be self made occultist by picking whats important to you from every other form of religion and science out there. Create your own and stop being followers.

  2. Behind that phony smile lies a profound sadness and absolute inability to accept their own mortality. Don't fool yourselves thinking that those people are completely braindead and unaware. They are, just like you and I, suffering and this is their coping mechanism. Being human is a pretty f*cked-up painful experience. Don't make it worse by joining a cult… . Those 'gurus' are talking advantage of your pain. It's toxic AF.

  3. Aliens = Jinn, nothing to speculate as nothing ever is proven in any form of respected ancient text or no one has ever seen cause it was created from the smokeless fire. This is not what i assume, its in the text books

  4. I dated one women from this cult a few years back, I kinda felt myself being seduced by all this crap – there was a lot of public and group nudity and even public sex involved at times. It was pretty fun and far out, but I noticed she was an extremely negative individual when talking about anything but 'being fully spiritual' – I had go leave her, but I admit was fun while it lasted

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