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  1. We are in NC lots of mosquitos and many hot humid months. BUT my vet says monthly is not necessary. Four times a year is plenty. The "monthly" sell is justified by adding things that get rid of round worms, etc. Big time marketing. Read the fine print. I try to not over medicate my dogs with all the "monthly" poisons.

  2. Ok so is it necessary, maybe for people who let their dogs run free in dog parks and find their dogs eating other dog crap if that’s a way they can get it but let me tell u.

    Growing up our dog didn’t any of these things. He was half collie half husky. He was mostly an outside dog. That would never happen again but he did love it outside. So anyway he had the rabies shot and probably that was it. He ate scraps. Back then they didn’t talk about what to feed and not feed plus I was too young to know anyway. I know my parents didn’t get him heart worm. That dog lived for 18-19 years. What killed him was getting a vaccine that was mandated in his old age. Believe it or not.

    My family including my dogs which were 3 of them. And my sisters two. Their life expectancy is 12-16 years old something like that. Never got any of them heartworm meds. Two passed for old age and things rated to their breed and old age. one was 1617 he had cancer and kidney failure and the other almost 15, kidney failure too. My last one is still holding on. But he has pancreatitis is almost 15. My sisters dog who is the one still alive of mine. Suffers with liver problems because of the damn flea medications like the collar hurting him. Cuz when they are old they can’t deal with it. And her other dog suddenly died after the pet administered the dogs simpatico trip an oral tick and flea med. it caused him a seizures then caused him to stop breathing the poor thing and he died on the way to the emergency vet car. My brothers dog of their same group of family of dogs. After giving him a shot of pill he came down with a sudden neurological disorder and feel apart quickly and had to be put down. I believe that was also simpatico trio.

    So if u ask me. Stay the heck away from these poisonous vaccines and pills if u can help it. Much like the Covid vaccine it’s killing ur pets or causing them more problems than what they are worth. Their natural antibioties are the way to go. Plus u don’t spend on killing ur pet. Just watch them if u go on a walk and make sure they don’t consume things that can make them sick. Or just let them run in ur backyard.

  3. Thank you. When we moved to the sierras two different clinics recommended heartworm medication for our dogs. I called my old vet on the coast and asked his opinion. He said no. He also told me to ask the clinics how many dogs they had treated for heartworm and both said none. So why do you recommend? Protocol… I think $$$$

  4. OK. This vid😊 . For anyone interested, Black Walnut and Wormwood kills heartworms safely. Please do research if considering this but all dogs in the studies involving these herbs preformed, tested negative and had previous health issues whereby heartguard ect were too toxic. Your dog might become a lil wigged out here and there (it is wormwood afterall) but thats it. I give my 26lb doggo the black walnut 2x per day and wormwood 1x per day with food. 5 days on 2 days off. Up to 4wks around Nov. I started after researching alternatives to heartguard and found a lady on youtube who saved her dying dog with this. After studying the side effects, a yearly administration seemed like a safer option. We just give her a 1/4tsp diatomaceous earth in her breakfast to avoid parasites.
    While on heartguard she would become quite aggressive and clearly miserable.. for a medication that can still give her heartworms and only kills a few different parasites…not worth it.

  5. TN is high incidence state PLEASE give your dog heartworm meds it’s so much cheaper and safer than treating them once they actually have heartworms. I have had to treat one stray and one rescue, it’s very expensive and NO JOKE. 😢😢😢

  6. This is terrible advice. Heartworm incidence is increasing across all areas of North America regardless of climate. Once a month preventatives are cheap, very safe, and easy to administer. They prevent not only heartworm, but also GI parasites, fleas, and ticks. Be kind and treat your pets 12 months a year.

    Please stop with the terrible advice.

  7. We did not used to have heartworm here in Colorado. But with the weather changing and getting warmer each year, it is getting more humid as well, add to that the influx of people moving here from warmer climes bringing infected dogs with heartworm, it is beginning to be more common to see our dogs get heartworm. Thnx Dr Jones.

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