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  1. Hi Dr. Andrew, what natural flea medicine do you recommend for a dog with a compromised immune system? There are a lot of not so good chemicals in the flea medicine that you drop on dog's necks.

  2. Hello Dr Andrew. I have one 4 years old Dog and recently got home a female puppy. Im really worried if they will get along or not? n My female puppy has a habit of picking up whatever is in the floor. Kindly if you could help me by giving some advice on her to make this habit of hers go away forever.. Thanks in advance..

  3. Also, I make sure the floor is cleaned with "non-toxic" chemicals and "rinsed" off as much as possible. In other words, if chemical cleaners are used, wouldn't the dogs or cats be licking up the chemicals along with the food?

  4. 😂 LOL the part with Pippy and the cucumber 😂😂😂 "I just hope she doesn't go home with diarrhea😬." I have a nearly 5 month old Cavapoo and he is ALWAYS trying to find things to eat off the floor. Sweeping and vacuuming is basically my life now😅

  5. You are a great real genuinely Respectful and compassionate human besides a great Veterinary!! it is obvious the love that you show to your Dogs guess is because You really know that withing humans it does not exist that "MANY THAT HAVE OR GENUINELY HAVE THOSE REAL AND GENUINELY QUALITIES LIKE LOYALTY,OBEDIENCE,UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AT ALL TIMES AND THE MOST THUSTWORTHY COMPANIONSHIP THAN ALMOST ANY AVERAGE HUMAN OUT THERE COULD REALLY GIVE OR OFFER WITH THEIR SAME RACE OR IN BETWEEN EACH OTHER !!

  6. how do you stop recurring red hurting ears from having inflametery ichey ears.& a really bad cause of ear waxs coming out over flowing to were I have to clean both ears two times a day using atleasted 5,7 qutips for each time I have to clean per ear, from having a popped ear drum that has been treated and has been put on this ulttra light prescription ear wash for life and was treated with antibiotics and a ointment a little over two years ago.

  7. My dogs tend to 'snack' off the kitchen floor especially when I am cooking as they know food tends to drop. There is never really much I cook with that would be bad for them but for a couple of reasons I have done my best to train them to back off the snacking while I am cooking. One is that I don't want to spill something hot on them or have them nose the oven when I open it. the other thing that happened before I started training them to sit and watch and not snack was that some spills of food can drop a sizable amount on the floor – like the time the cutting board full of diced onions toppled and threw the onions all over the floor. Before I could do much at all my one dog had vacuumed up several mouthfuls of onions and we ended up at the vets getting vomiting induced. It taught me that, for there sake, maybe they should not expect that the kitchen floor was a great place to find snacks. As you said, what dogs have found over many years and many dogs, on the kitchen floor has never brought any harm but when the onion accident happened my dogs was so sued to eating off the kitchen floor he was just not hearing the "no, stop, sit and leave it " commands I was giving him about the onions. The kitchen is not off limits, and their food bowls are there, of course, but now they wait when they find dropped food on the floor to get an 'ok' from me before going for it. It just gives me the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a large food spill I have control of the situation and – while they get a great treat (don't let the food go to waste) if its food that is safe for them to consume – its only after they have gotten permission to eat it.

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