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  1. Of course it’s bad. But let’s be honest, the real damage is from constant smoke. People routinely smoke a pack of cigarettes a day but marijuana is typically only a joint or two a day. Much less smoke for the respiratory system to deal with (among other differences)

  2. I make my own edibles at home I’ve been trying to stop smoking blunts altogether but it’s just too nice! I gave up the tobacco 2 years ago so I went from 40 cigarettes a day to one blunt a day

  3. I've been smoking pot for 54 years. No cigarettes or alcohol. My lungs are excellent. Nobody I know that has smoked that long has any lung problems. Vaping is very hard on the lungs. Edibles are the best and the body absorbers more that way. 🆗🆒☮️💗🤙

  4. I love how u can smoke 100 grams of weed in one day an u won’t OD but u can’t do it with anything els or drink any alcohol cuz you’ll poison or OD

  5. As a patient and grower since 1996 vaping is the only way to smoke and cannabis for centuries in my family was always eaten not smoked. Smoking was just more convenient but the benefits comes from ingesting

  6. No its not bad for ur lungs… as you say"like tobacco"

    The tobacco your referring to is heavily soaked in many harmful chemicals as is the paper its smoked in. .. and the lighters gas that lights it for a person to smoke. ..

    And the same for the cannabis that is smoked… its lit with a lighter and is usually smoked in a paper.. or wrap. .. those things are harmful, not the cannabis.

    *i used to smoke tobacco.. and after 23yrs of being a 2+pack a day smoker my lungs were pretty bad.. i couldnt breathe hardly anymore. .. so i quit.👈

    I smoked cannabis in a pipe and lit it from the lighters heat not from the gas… and i got healthy again and my lungs healed.

    .. that wouldn't have happened if it was damaging to my lungs as cigs. .. i also realized that tobacco without chemicals might not damage your lungs either. … that its the chemicals your breathing with those things thats damaging you.

    Wow.. its been 16 years since i quit smoking… all of my friends except 1 are dead from it.

    I think its benzene the lighter and cigatettes produce that kills you.. "breathing fresh damp morning air in the woods helped
    My lungs to heal after i quit smoking." Incase your interested. … and fyi, smoking in joints and blounts is a waste..
    The cannabis is filtered that way making it less powerful. Try a "clean" pipe or bong instead.😎🤘

  7. I can answer this one, I've been smoking it 45 of my 57 years on this Earth 30 years of which was an everyday and even sometimes heavy smoker of cannabis and I don't even so much as have a cough

  8. Zero Fox Given. Smoke as much as possible everyday, we're all dead in the end! Big tabacco putting in all those poisonous additives – that governments are totally OK with !!!!!

    F them and their mothers !!

  9. I've been a regular marijuana consumer for more than 50 years, about 15 years ago, I developed a cough. So I switched to edibles and vaporizing. I don't like the effect from edibles, but vaporizing is like smoking, only better! – I haven't had a problem with the cough since then, either. – Vaporizing whole, organic, sun grown, dry flower is my preference now.

  10. Vaping is absolutely the worst thing you can do to your lungs. Vaping contains glycol ethers in the form of synthetic sugars that derived from petroleum. Glycol ethers penetrate cell walls and cause cancer and these so called synthetic sugars, crystallized in the lungs and unlike cannabis or tobacco tar. These synthetic sugars do not break down over time. They continue to build up in the lungs over time.
    Take this for an example…To anyone that has been an avid cigarette smoker for countless years or less. The very first time that this life longer smoker then picks up a vape. They Immediately cough their lungs up from the very first puff of a vape. So let this be a warning to you. Because long time smokers of cannabis and cigarettes alike have nothing in comparison with those who vape.

  11. I don't think I COULD smoke enough for my needs. As a MED user, I have 5-7 sessions / day and vapourising has saved my throat from much abuse. I can still, at 67, take deep inhales of air without problems or pains. When Cannabis was legalised here in Canada, I reverted to the habits of my youth, burning weed to achieve results. Even then I improvised a home-made bong from mason jars and tubing, which I thought were saving my lungs. Along comes vapourising and my entire weed world shifted. Vapourising is the only way to go if someone prefers inhalation.

  12. Health benifits from cannabis far outweigh the harm ptojected by many govts. Medicinal, spiritual and recreational applications are incorigibly simple using cannabis… And this substance deserves much more high than it gives….

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