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  1. Man, i follow u now 2 weeks. Im from Italy and i love ur content its so cool to see that weed is legal at u. Im really hoping that it will be legal at us or in europe to 🥲 . Its not only that why i love ur content its because u are so a good person, such a great personality, love it. i wish u all the best form italy bro keep up this stuff . Much love 💚

  2. Most smokers nowadays dont care if the joint runs. They make me feels like an asshole for trying too tell them how too smoke but like damn. If im rolling up yall better smoke my shit the best way.

  3. Motita is trash asf
    the only good shit is the rosin but the fucken weed is garbage in it , and u always talk shit on tx fuck off if i ever see u dal ima smack the california out yoyr bitcb ass mr nicotine

  4. Have you ever been rejected from a place for smelling like weed?? I've been to restaurants that have signs that say if you smell they will deny you service 😩 I try not to smoke right before if I'm going out to eat for that reason…

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