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  1. That’s some super dirty thca. Bring your pressure and temps up to clean it better. No sense putting all the effort in to come out with a half finished product. Thca is white, not yellow. If you have done it correctly it should be as white as snow.

  2. How does this isolation work does it only extract the Other lipids and leave all the thc behind due to the thc melting at a higher temperature? Honestly this looks like a higher quality product than a true isolate would be, as this still has allot the naturally occurring Flavor and sent compounds, unlike true isolate which by definition is only an isolated cannabinoid of at least 99%. Also a little unrelated but people talk about the entourage effect from the terpenes and although there might be some truth to that I think the solvent properties of the terpenes and other compounds allow THC to have a higher bioavailability, smoother absorption and possibly even less lung irritation do the THC not really sticking to the lungs as much.

  3. Sorry to piss on your chips. But this is not isolation by any definition any educated individual would recognise. Nor can the final product be called 'isolate'.
    Words have meanings. You should ensure you're educated before using them otherwise you look like a clown, and spread misinformation. Neither look good.

  4. Has anyone done analytical testing to verify that this is indeed thca? When winterizing oil, everything left on/in the filter is usually fats/lipids, not what comes out of the filter. So I’m curious if that’s just a piece of plant fats. And the stuff your excreting is actually the refined cannabinoids/terpenes. Which would be the opposite of what your claiming. If you’ve done analytical testing I’d love to know.

  5. I just ordered the Nugsmasher Mini with the essentials bundle and decarb cap, and I'm totally stoked! Once I get it I'm gonna make some diamonds, wish me luck 🙏

  6. Hey do you guys have any videos on what to do with the old pucks? I have 100’s of them.. also though I only have the mini and I don’t think I can make Thc-a🤔 I think… anyways thanks.. I’ll be upgrading to OG later this year..

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