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  1. My question is does the first micron sheet absolutely need to be 5-15micron I have 25micron bags and 90micron bags I probably will need to get some micron sheets for me to even attempt this!

  2. So I did another smash on the og I won and I got a 25% yield! I squished an eighth of shango's chem bow with a really recent harvest and package date. I got .9g rosin almost a gram. I made a few improvements to how I did it last time and really saw some better results. 🔥

  3. You said something I’ve been curious about, after you extract your rosin is there a recommended time to cure it for optimization? Leaving it out to air dry makes it become more buttery? Thank you for the content! My nugsmasher got lost in transit but I can’t wait for it to get here eventually!

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