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  1. Thank you so much Duke my mixed terrier had raw meat was horrible the vet charged me a ridiculous amount for a shot so I put Monostat all over Duke and Sadie my mixed chihuahua 3 days later dukes hair is growing back and both aren't itching we have tried everything this works !!!!! Plus put honey in their water you are such a great Vet !!!! They both do this every year around May and June can't figure out why. We treat our yard and watch to see what it is but still don't know .I'm a retired Executive Chef they have a great diet but still puzzled .We have lots of neighborhood cats that frequent our yard it's horrible. Could that be a factor since they are wild cats ?

  2. My dog has been itching and I have had him to 3 vets and all they want to do is pump him full of steroids that do nothing. Each vet barely looks at him! I am beginning to think he has Dermodetic Poteau Dermatitis OR dog scabies. He practically goes crazy itching. What do I do?

  3. could a dog have internal parasite that would cause ongoing itching issues, hardened paw pads and thickened crusty nails. I've tried numerous vets and all want to put dog on steroids. i have just received in mail the supplements you recomended…beta sitosterol, krill oil, quercetin. i will follow your recommendation in other video. i just feel i need to understand what's going on with his paws. it effects him walking, painful, please help

  4. I am honestly let down that you didnt mention any additional causes for an itchy dog. My dog does not have fleas or lice he never has he is a small Chihuahua mix with a whipit it looks like.. But he has constantly itched. After years of watching him everyday i have been able to self diagnose my boy Midas. I beleive he has a "tick". Not the bug. But a tick like as in OCD. He performs the same actions every day and i know it is not allergies because his actions never change regardless of changes to his diet. We got him from a person whom i don't know personally, he was 2 years old they told us. And i bet I know why they didnt want him anymore.. They may have been the reason for his mental anguish that has led to this very very very annoying thing he does all day every day and the noises he makes… IF left unattrnded he would do this for hours.. and i am so very glad that me and my daughter have nothing but love and patience for Midas. I have found the answer though! Along with reassurance and good loving attention he is never punished for scratching.. HE also pulls the hair from his chest area if left to scratch. His toenails are curved in an unnatural direction from his scratching. He targets his arm pits. And bites his little hairless tail. So what i think helps is i give him Biotin because his skin, his brittle nails, though his coat looks good and it actually helped.. So not only do i think he has a vitamin imbalance but psychological damage from some sort of traumatic experience that happend perhaps when he was a puppy.. He didnt deserve what ever was done to him. Hes a unique little man and doesn't act like a regular dog. The #1 remedy? I slather coconut oil in his armpits, his chest and his bald tail. At least once a day.. He loves it and likes to lick it but that's not all i do. Next he gets swaddled. Yup .. Like a newborn. I wrap him up nice and snug and youd think a dog would like the freedom to move around but not this guy.. he is so peacful to finally stop scratching himself i literally have to restrain him. The thunder shirt works well but not 100%. He has to have his legs still. So I'll oil him up like a Thanksgiving turkey and wrap him in one of his many soft clean baby blankets and then prop him up so he can see me as i do dishes or watch youtube. He goes where ever i go. I even have a pet bag to carry him. No this is not ideal for a dog and it is a lot of work.. But he is now 13 years old and whatever makes him happy that's all that matters to me.. So i hope this example is something you may talk about in the future. Not a lot of people understand that dogs can developed different types of OCD. Please educate your viewers.. Thank you

  5. Had heard of plant sterols on one your videos and finally got a blood allergy test for my dog. She had a lot of high allergens to trees grass mites some food such as wheat corn potatoes. The issue is the plant sterols I got in the US are derived from PINE and she’s allergic to many trees. I think that’s why she’s biting and has balded since I started that, and caused bleeding and damage to her skin 😢😢😢 it’s really awful. We will try immuno therapy for the environmental allergies. I’m worried I caused this issue much worse w Moducare plant sterols- too many wrong diagnosis with the vets historically, first was meat allergy so she was treated for that. According to this blood work, the only thing she’s not allergic to is meat. I feel her pain everyday.

  6. my bigger problem is… how do i get my dog go let me do that and touch and search thru his fur as intensely as dr jones 😭😭😭

  7. Hey DOC, i missed the name of the medication. Its late at night.
    Also i have a yorkie that has sensitive stomache and gastrointestinal issue's. Can you do a refesh vidio for food for that. Her mouth is so small. Also is there anything holistic to calm her. She jumps at least noise. Also she will not let you trim her nails nor hair on paws. Please help! Thank you for what you do. I enjoy watching you!

  8. My baby Ollie has atopic allergy n it just seems to be getting worse. He’s 5 yrs old. He has made sores on his lower back scratching. There are sores on d corners of his mouth that I’ve noticed for d first time. He licks his paws constantly n has sores in them as well. I’m besides myself trying to find some cure for all his problems. Doc pls advise.

  9. My rescued border collie dog itches all the time and all that the 1st vet did was give him steroids. After a year I switched vets and the new vet said the other vet didn't put him on enough steroids and she put him on a higher dose and all that happened was it dryed out his eyes and made him itch more! I can see his dry dandruff and know he must have dry skin. He has been itching since we got him 2 years ago. I will try the sunflower oil. I put him on Vectra as he had ticks and fleas. Natural remedies gave him bleeding open sores do I went to the Vectra topical application. I am leery about using oral medicine like Bevectra, because I am afraid it will give him cancer. I know Steroids are NOT THE ANSWER. l am at my wits end trying to help my poor dog. Tried switching his food. Started giving him what I ate,( organic salmon and sardines, your natural food remedies, etc.) He rolls around on the ground trying to itch his back. Please help, I have about given up on vets that only want to drug him. Thanks

  10. Hi! I’m new to your channel- very cool! What do you recommend putting into their ears as both of my golden doodles have very itchy ears. The vet prescribe some medicine that they hated. Another expense and not necessary because it doesn’t work. Thank you

  11. I have a 1 year old Chihuahua. I've had him for 6 months now.his nose is constantly wet and he blows it constantly, usually in my glasses, lol, it's not a sneeze. I'm going crazy.trying to figure it.out. I don't have any info about his past, when I got him, a lady.dropped him off with a passport, took the money and drove.right off. Dr. Jones.do you have any idea what I can do?

  12. What if it's only 1 of your dogs. My other dog is not itchy. We resently moved from a desert like environment to a urban area. We went from dry heat to hummit heat. I have checked him for fleas did not see any.

  13. My shih tzu has a lots of ticks so I have treated him with a tick treatment solution and also my veteranian has said to puppy cut my dog before I apply the solution so I have found reddness and he is also licking, biting, and itching very very very much on the reddness

  14. Hi Doc! my dog has been scratching his chin a lot lately. I was wondering what you think it is and what can I do for home remedies? There's no redness or bleeding but he's been scratching a lot

  15. I have a Maltese male dog he’s about 10 or 11 years old he’s been scratching a lot for the past couple months and shaking his head a lot too. I tires some shampoo for the itching but he hasn’t stopped and I cleaned out his ear a bunch of stinky ear wax came out. He stopped shaking his head for about a month but now he’s back at it. Is there any I could do? Should I take him to the vet? Or is there a special lotion?

    Edit: he’s also hair on his belly a lot of it and on his face.

  16. My dog severely bites her ankle/wrist areas, and scratches her elbows, both until they bleed, and a lot of missing hair in those areas. She had been on both a brown rice+beef and a grain-free beef, I felt the symptoms were worse with the brown rice recipe, plus bad stools. I decided to try the barf diet, with mostly chicken during this trial phase, after the first 30 days, id say about 90% of her hair grew back and while she was still itchy, it didn't seem to be as bad, however since then her symptoms have seemed to come back and is once again losing hair/becoming more itchy, I am now on about day 80. Do you think she has a chicken allergy? That is my assumption, but wondering why I saw good results for the first 30 days, she has healthy stools, etc. I've read about a "detox" period where things seem to get worse before they get better when feeding raw. Wondering if you had any thoughts or had heard of any cases similar to this?

  17. Khaleesi my wonderful American bull dog mix / just can’t get it right! She eats Lamb dog food only .( allergies to other meats) then it started again. I think she’s now allergic to lamb. Same systems. I just want her happy.. not itching 90% of her life!

  18. So, a few months ago my Pug got an ear infection, which immediately got treated.
    About a couple of months later he started itching all over, he got bald spots all over, his body got covered with black crusty rashes and he had a couple of blisters between the toes on his front legs.
    I brought him to the vet, but they were having trouble identifying what was wrong with him until I offhandedly mentioned his ear infection a couple of months earlier. Then they took samples from his ears and they found an inner ear infection and a yeast infection.
    He got treatment, but a couple of weeks later it was better, but not gone.
    So, he had another round of treatment, stronger this time.
    A couple of weeks after that his ear infection was finally gone, but the yeast infection was still there, so another round of treatment we did.
    A couple of weeks after that it still wasn't gone, but I decided that it would just be a waste of time and money to do another round of treatment that obviously doesn't work.
    I've just been trying my best to treat it myself with Bepanthen, coconut oil and medicated baths. He likes to obsessively lick the blisters between his toes, so a couple of days ago I bought him some shoes.

    Right now, a few months after it started, it's better than ever, but still not completely gone.

    This is the first time we've faced this issue. He turned 6 years old a few days ago, but I got him when he was 3 years old, on December 5th 2017.
    He does have allergies, he's allergic to seemingly all types of bug bites and stings. It was first discovered after he got bitten by a jumping spider when his nose got him into trouble, and he got so sick that I honestly thought I was going to loose him. After the third time his nose got him into trouble and he got bitten, I started him on daily allergy medication(over a year ago), and he hasn't had an allergic reaction since.
    He's been on the same diet for almost 3 years, so it's got nothing to do with that, and he's never been in a kennel. He's just been home with me since the day I got him over 3 years ago.

    What should I do?
    Any suggestions on what more I can do to help him?

  19. I have just adopted a nearly 3 month old puppy. She had lots of fleas when I got her. I took her to my vet who bathed her with a tick flea shampoo. I comb her every day with a flea comb. But she itches a lot at times. My vet gave two anti fungal medicine to apply on her body. I want to use a natural thing because she’s a small puppy. I don’t see any fleas or ticks on her. Her coat is clean and I rub virgin coconut oil on her skin. Yes, she is eating little different food. I’m not very sure exactly what she was eating at the foster home. They said chicken broth and rice. I’ve just added a little bit of chicken and green beans to her food. What else can I do to stop the itching? I’m not wanting to put chemicals on her baby skin right now.

  20. Mine has Dermatitis is there some thing that’s a home remedy cause her shots are expensive. I have been trying to use anti itch spays ,shampoo , wash bedding , make her food but it’s occurs . Any suggesting?

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