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  1. I really feel half the reasons our pets are getting cancer are all of the chemicals we pup into them yearly and I’m sure environment is a factor also, weed sprays ,,, I would never put my dogs through painful cancer treatments, for me I want my dogs out of pain , I would put my grieving and feelings aside I think that is the right thing to do ,,, but that is my personal opinion ,,, I’m in no way going after this vet he knows his stuff and I follow a lot of his advice.

  2. I have had many dogs die of cancer. All were treated by oncologist, which was a waste of money. My pit bull had a spleen removed with hemangiosarcoma. I treated her with Fenbendazole and she bounced back and played like a puppy for a few months. I gave her Ivermectin when she slowed down but she died 5 months after her surgery. She was in Fenbendazole the whole time. Neither Med dealt with the metastic cancer. I wish I had given her more Ivermectin abd sooner but vets don’t want the responsibility so you are on your own. Don’t let that stop you. Until Med beds are available this is the best option. We have to do something about the foods are dogs are getting. They must be tainted. There are way too many choices and not enough info on ingredients. I say limit dog foods to only a few abd show what ingredients, supplements, vitamins are in each cup of food. We have no clue what’s exactly in the food. D3 is as important for dogs as humans. Pet owners need to start demanding better. The stores are full of too many choices. Who has time to deal with that. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Wish I had know about Ivermectin five years ago. I could’ve saved my dog from dying of cancer. When did you find out about this Dr. Jones? I am glad you are putting it out there. My cousin was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and he took dewormer and ivermectin for his cancer along with a few other treatments. He is confident that it was the ivermectin and the Pana cure cure his esophagus cancer

  4. years ago I used ivermectin on mission treating worms in children in Africa (late 1980s ) ,I have a package insert advising use for cancer in humans, also AIDS ,used pore on for c19 with good results cattle dose rate x3 days ,best three day of onset,

  5. Big Pharma would rather let you and your pet die from cancer, before admitting what an incredible and beneficial drug it has been for more than a decade and for billions of people.

  6. if big drug comps are financing studies they will fail them like the VA study on hydroxychloroquine/iver study they waited until a persons body was riddled with covaids then administerd it so it would fail / parasites are found in cancer riddled bodies esp in the tumors

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