J Dilla Talk, Spotify & Joe Rogan, Beat Junkies: The Dr. Greenthumb Show #428

How To Grow Weed 420

The Dr. Greenthumb Show 428 00:00 – stream starts 09:00 – podcast starts 10:10 – bdays 16:00 – j dilla 24:00 – Spotify and Joe …

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How To Grow Weed 420


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  1. Vaccines are wrong and if you delete this comment you're just the same like the media, trying to suppress the truth and opinions of people just because it's not in line with your conformists go a long to get a long cowardly ways.

  2. I will be so getting that book which is just one more reason I enjoy watching this show because of what you hear and learn that makes it more worth it. You always do a fantastic job sitting in for the Doctor C! I enjoyed all the subjects discussed and felt a whole lot of the view points on them from everyone. I thought Bolton made some great points. Happy birthday to Cali who's company I've come to really enjoy on this show. From what I been hearing I am really stoked about the new Cypress album and we can't forget the documentary!

  3. Rewatch Crew checking in on another dope episode 😮‍💨💨💨💨
    Lmfao with the BReal 🖕🏽 selfie, big ups to C and the crew for holding it down 🤙
    The Fuck outta here moment of chaos was everything 😂😂

  4. smoke weed is ilegal many places as we know is wrong still we smoke it. Why ppl thinks the mask is something for protection when is just for make ppl obey easly (check history thausands of years ago, persian empire, etc..)
    I dont give a shit legality, I see it stupid I dont wear it no where and of course I cant use many services, but so be it, honor first and Being Real first.

  5. I don't think it's about what Joe Rogan is saying, but more about what his guests are saying. Rogan is the 1st to admit that he's a "moron who gets to talk to smart people every day". Can't hold shit against dude. And not to get political, but there is an "agenda" in this country & if what you spew out your mouth doesn't match the opinions/facts of those running the agenda, then you'll be targeted as an influencer, role model, celebrity, etc. as a tactic to distract the masses.

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