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  1. Jaeger is a huge native in So-Oregon, I've grown it several years and every year it changes just a little bit, giving it the same unique Jaeger high, but such a beautiful purple / green with the various genetic expressions… but with its own unique nose per season (all with the same trademark Jaeger 'nose').

    The word 'Jaeger' comes from the German word for 'hunter' or in today's Deutsch 'infantry' – something in the name might be attributed to the 'hunting' and 'combat' that the originator did to get this strain into patient's hands and rec-lovers art-pieces wherever they can find it and light it.

    Hopefully, with organic science – some truly remarkable remixes of Jaeger will come out… I'm hinting at some Mac-1 / Jaeger crosses with multiple expressions – maybe some blackberry kush in there to make the flower REALLY flagrant & colorful?

  2. Notice his eyes glossed after 2 hits 😂I’m smoking on the same thing right now, and I swear it’s like that… one rotation and you’ll feel it.

  3. I’m pretty sure this was the strain that I smoked when I got high for the first time. I’m not sure bc the ppl I was with were calling it “Jäger bomb” and “Jager Meister”. But it was the best high I’ve ever had even though it was my first time it was so amazing!!!!

  4. I actually just got some Jäger from the creators of the strain and it is a phenomenal strain. Lately I've been blessed to be able to try a ton of these newer strains. Your review is spot on to what I've noticed with the flavor! It's literally never ending! Great review!!

    Edit: noted source of strain

  5. Super strong/thick and tasty licorice with gassy diesel and pine notes. Mmmmmmm mmm, good. Man, Kootenay Craft used to have THE BEST Jager always in stock, as it was the strain they were known for and that they'd perfected. It's been more than several months since I've seen Jager in Kootenay's stock and all this "Strawberry Jager" and "Blue Jager" nonsense must stop, hahaha. Nothing beats the original and til this day, it remains as one of my all time go to strains. That's why I asked on Instagram if it was from Kootenay. I would have bought some immediately, haha. If any of these crosses are any good, it's only because they have a portion of Jager genetics popping through, haha. I just hope Kootenay didn't retire Jager, that would be a shame. If ever you find Jager in stock at Kootenay Craft, I'd love to see you do a comparison reaction video. You're starting to have MANY reviews, so maybe you will have to soon take a Barstool Pizza Review approach with a precise decimal scoring system using all 9 tenths, haha. Keep up the great work, and cheers from your Montreal buddy @mark.mtlmusiccannabis 🙂

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