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  1. Puffin W. Cake with You .
    I really like this cake. We lost the strain. I gotta get another clone of this. I like how it cures out sticky and squishy and tasty loaded with crystals

  2. First batch i did of Wedding Cake by Jungle Boys had one hermie out of nine plants, thought i caught it just in time and took it out. Came out with 20 oz all of which had seeds in it….absolutely gutted, had to chuck the whole lot away. So I'd already put another 9 in another tent 4 weeks behind the first lot, got to 3 weeks in flower and was curious to see if any were hermies. 5 out of 9 !!!! Now this is seriously taking the piss as the guys in the shop told me that this was such a good strain. Now i'm about to throw those ones out which leaves me with 4 which I'll be lucky to get 10 oz from. Never again will |I Iisten to some idiot in a shop and will now go back to cuttings from mother plants and seeds from well known seedbanks. This has lost me over 5k so my advice to anyone about to do a Wedding Cake by Jungle Boys grow don't do it !! I have a 10 pack of unused ones that I was going to put in my third tent but I'm just going to bin those.

  3. Guys… this is a kid…. what the fuck can he tell me about tree? I've been smoking fire for 20yrs now. I'm 32… please for the love of god… never let child like people review weed. I really hate to judge by that criteria but I see allot of people agreeing with my sentiments. that means the channel should consider more mature (even if it's just cosmetic) reviewers. Just think… when you go to a shop… who is the last kid you want as a bt? He could be 30 for all I know, he just has an immature vibe

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