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  1. The Oregon Grape extract worked wonders for my Westie. I had two sick Westies. One had it very mild and one had much tougher going and I used the Oregon Grape on the sicker one. I am so grateful for you sharing this information with us. I almost gave her antibiotics and because the tincture was working, I held off with the pills. She doesn’t tolerate antibiotics well. Thank you ❤️

  2. Great video, very concise and informative. I have an 8 wk old great dane puppy with kennel cough and was very concerned. Reading on the internet is not helpful because you get information that is all over the place in regards to symptoms , and just explaining what to do in general. Thanks again

  3. Beautiful person. Dr of Veterinary….. Walking my shi tzu. Was looking at some plants and she sounded like a goose/duck noise. Coughing or semi choking. It took a minute to realize it was her making the noise. It scared the heck outta me…. I knew about giving honey. Really needed to see this vid. Calmed me. Down. I'll be watching listening carefully to see if it's just inflammation. Irritation. Rather then kennel cough. New dog mommy. Very attentive and want the best for this lil rescue. Girl… She's the sweetest.. joyful baby. Thk u.

  4. Thank you doctor for your help. One thing I've noticed Is to check around and under there beds for cigarettes. Puppies are cerseptable peer pressure and may begin smoking at a young age. This could also be a reason for the coughing.

  5. Okay I love your channel and NEED YOUR HELP . Daniela is eight years old she has a stage three heart murmur she’s on pimobendan and Lasix Lasix is twice a day pimobendan is twice a day one ML of the pimobendan twice a day and Lasix is twice a day now she has a trachea collapse he because her heart murmur is kind of near her trachea and it’s a stage three no she’s not on palliative care or anything but they put it on the hydrocodone for the cough but I think after a year the dogs body gets use to it . So I was reading some of the stuff you put in listening to some of your video about raw honey and stuff so I need to know what can help lubricate her throat because she does take gabapentin most of her medication is liquid because I don’t want it pill form because they can aggravate it and she has some sinus issues and she can’t have surgery because her teeth are bad so she’s on anabiotic‘s for that every 7 to 2 months depends on you no symptoms. So what do you recommend it’s allergy season she takes Benadryl and then meloxicam and if needed. I’m a single mom with two kids so I really hope you reply to this and I really need your help she’s going in tomorrow because they ran out of her hydrocodone/ homatropine and Do you know where else you recommend for a trachea collapse you cough that would help her and I’m gonna have them check her out with her lungs and stuff tomorrow but I trust you and I need to know there’s is cough medicine from chewy but it’s really expensive. I just need to know what will help her with the cough , Do I use a cool or hot mist humidifier I live in Arizona and u said raw honey ? She weighs 17 pounds of that help . So what do you recommend to help soothe her throat and a help with the car hydrocodone/whatever cough medicine isn’t it helps but I don’t know if I need to give her something just for a car she’s on my way Lasix and it sounds like it 3 cough with Trying to hack up some flem . So please help me out I really really need it I need advice helps and I need directions detailed thank you

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