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  1. People who are turned off by this because of spam or hotdogs don't know what they're missing. It is delicious and comforting, especially with a night of drinking like she mentioned.

  2. You couldn't pay me to eat that but I absolutely loved hearing your story and the history of this (a.k.a I am with your Mom on this one).
    Please come back again and share more recipes with us. Thank you Chef for indulging us with a bit of Korean history.

  3. I'm a basic white American girl but I LOVE Korean food (I rarely want to eat any other cuisine anymore) but I have yet to try Korean Army Stew. I love this video and I'm going to finally make it and appreciate it so much more now that I know the history of the dish. Thank you for educating us while also giving us the gift of your recipe 💕

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