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  1. Hello Dr could you please help me with my cats urinary crystals issue ?
    Basically he's one yr old persian and is suffering from urinary tract infection or crystals and the vet has prescribed urinary s/o diet and I just found out your video regarding it (loved the video , very informative)and my question is what should I feed him on regular diet like what should be his routine and should I continue his medications ? Please guide me !

  2. Is there anything over the counter I could give my dog his graphic Saint shepherd and his eyes are constantly running and now one eye has turned red?? I just want you to know you have been so much help to everyone Been watching you for years God-bless

  3. Does this work for esophagitis? If not might you have a video for that? Thank you for all the vital info you put out there for us pet parents ❤🙏❤️

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