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  1. Please please please help me . This morning my dogs were playing and the bottom of my female dogs mouth got wrapped on the collar of the male dog. In the process my male dog was choking. Purple like eyes and purple tongue. We were able to separate her mouth from his collar and now he has a severe blood clot in his eye and he also has a knot under his neck. I know a vet bill would be way too costly. Can you please tell me what I can do to help him w the blood clot and the knot under his neck? I did place a warm towel on his eye for about 15 min and an hour later I placed a cold towel on his for 15min as well.

  2. This does not have to do with cancer, I just wanted you too know that I have followed you for a whole now.I have seizure dog.When I first brought her to get for , I hold them I thought she had asma and that was a big trigger.They ignored that gave her meds.Those meds made her have more seizures.Another call and they wanted to give her another drug.I found your natural asma treatment with slippery elm and I have to tell you, her seizure have ben cut in half and her cough is almost gone.She may never be totally seizure free but thanks to you both of us are given a lot more sleep and better quality of life.❤❤❤.Keep it up.We really appreciate you.

  3. After being housebound for 10+ years with severe pain and fatigue++ caused by lyme disease LDN gave me life back 🙏❤️ Have recently been thinking about giving it to my dog so this video was perfectly timed 😄👍

  4. Do u have to have a prescription for this? My sweet pea has mammory mast cell n it's steady growing, vets round me just want to put her down n I just can't do that..she's happy n more loved than she could ever know..need help please

  5. Dr. Jones,
    We are in an emergency ‼️situation with our sweet nine year old female chihuahua mix. She’s a small to medium size dog. She’s not like the very tiny chihuahua’s.

    She has a huge growth, the size of a grapefruit, under her front arm. It started out the size of a pea, two years ago. The vet wasn’t concerned at that time, and it was a different vet than we have now. Just in the last 4 months, it has been growing at a very fast rate.

    We love the vet we have now, who is an older doctor, and we were set to schedule the surgery for sometime this week. But our wonderful doctor was in a motorcycle accident, and is in the ICU.

    His concern with our dogs surgery was that there needs to be enough healthy skin to be able to close up the surgery wound. But other than that, he was upbeat about the surgery.

    When I went to schedule the surgical appointment, I was told that our doctor had a “family emergency”…and they didn’t know when he would be back. They said that the other doctor that does surgery wanted to examine our dog before she would confirm she would perform the surgery. Which we thought was also a very good idea.

    When this new doctor examined our dog, she wasn’t as “upbeat” about the surgery as our previous vet. She said that there is a high chance that it’s cancer, and that to be able to do the surgery…we would probably have to go to an Oncologist to shrink the tumor with radiation, before surgery could even be scheduled. She was very concerned about the size of the growth/possible tumor. She said that there would likely be too big of a hole left to be able to sew it up, by the time the cancerous tumor and surrounding skin was removed. She is also concerned that the growth may be up in our dogs chest area too.

    This Friday, August 5, 2023 we’re going to take our dog in for a needle biopsy, so that it can be sent to a lab for examination to see whether or not it’s cancerous.

    My husband and I have been trying to decide whether or not to put our sweet girl through all of this, especially if it is to prolong her life for a few more months…that would just be spent trying to heal from surgery, and having to endure cancer treatments.

    We love her SO much, and we would do anything for her…but we don’t have a lot of money to spend on cancer treatments, etc.

    We’re debating if we should let her spend her remaining time not having to go through drastic surgery and cancer treatment. But we don’t want her to suffer if the growth is cancerous either…or have the chance it could just break open one day.

    Do you think that Low Dose Naltrexone would help her? Is there anything else that you would recommend?

    We appreciate any advice that you can give us for our precious girl. Thank you.🙏

  6. I have personally been using LDN for 5 years for autoimmune conditions, It had crossed my mind to use it for my puppy constantly scratching.
    The vet tells me puppies of his age don't get allergies.
    I give him a grain free diet, no pet food a make my own.
    Vet wanted to give him an injection yesterday to stop him scratching, no way.

  7. I've been listening to you but I would love to get your book is it a download I need to be able to see it for it to go in my memory thank you so much for all of your heLPS

  8. Dr. My yellow lab has over grown nails. I believe I can see the quick as long as the nail. Is this a vet thing? I know they hurt her. I am on as and 75 you. My dog is 9

  9. Dr Jones, I am very happy to hear you promote LDN. i have been using it on myself for years and I also am giving it to my elderly dog after discovering a bunch of mast cell tumors all over his belly which have been removed. It's important with LDN to take it on an empty stomach, preferably in the window of 10 pm & 3 am. I think that everyone should take it and I plan on starting my older cat on it sometime soon. I buy my LDN from an oversees pharmacy and don't have to use a vet for it. Most vets don't know what is anyway! It's a very safe drug and no bad side effects.

  10. Thank you Dr. Jones. Our shihtzu passed from a cluster of lymphoma in her intestine. She was estimated to be 16-18 vet put her on prednisone. She didn't do well though and stopped eating. Would this protocol have been better yo give her a bit better chance? I know she still lived a great 8 years with us. Thank you again for all of your amazing help on informing us on other alternatives.

  11. Wow! This is interesting as ldn is prescribed for fibromyalgia in humans. Plz elaborate on what it does for cushings in dogs . Wondering if ldn helps w cushings in humans???

  12. It is a fabulous drug in low doses. I was on it briefly for autoimmune issues and was part of an LDN community so we swapped tips and progress. BUT it's quite hard to get accustomed to for many and the (sometimes invisible) symptoms are how we learn to dose it. When it's off it feels HORRENDOUS, nightmares, silent migraines, semi drunk feeling, anxiety, etc. Now, we're human and can tell the doctor how we feel, but pets can't, so it's super important to learn to read our pets' mood when on something like this.

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