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  1. I have re-homed a large Boerboel who will be 8-years-old this 1st of May. She over-exerts herself when she is at the garden wall or gate in attack mode and has twice collapsed on the ground. Thereafter, she quickly recovers. It happened again this morning – twice now since she arrived on the 8th of December. I'm hoping it's not something serious? Her gums are still pink and she's eating very well. I cannot get her in the car to go to the vet. And she will attack the vet as she has been isolated all her life, and she has latched onto me now and won't allow anyone near me, and I don't want to stress her out but just need to get her stitches out from her spaying. She lashes out at me and is a light sleeper and won't allow me to take them out, and so far there is no sign of infection there. I feel darting her would be too traumatic. What gentle doggie sleeping pill would you recommend that would put her into a deep sleep, enough so that I can remove her stitches without her waking up and lashing out. She's a light sleeper, so that doesn't work if I try. I feel like I'm a bad doggie mother. She was already stressed out and had to be darted to be spayed before she came to me. And I want to make the rest of her life as stress-free as possible.

  2. my dog went into shock when i wasn’t home and when i noticed i freaked out so i rushed him to the vet, the doctor told us he had a seizure. they told us to take him home and keep a close eye. when he started having bloody diarrhea and vomit, we rushed him to an emergency veterinarian and he was almost gone. thank goodness he is okay now. it is a blessing that he survived

  3. Hi sorry about u lovable pet I went to my regular vet with my service dog she was holding up her left leg. When walking to her to my vet the took blood work normal protocol. Wbc rbc thank GOd the all came back ok the also ran an complete cbc but x ray showed left sprain leg. And artherytis in both joints on her back legs. She was put on antiinfamatories and pain meds and on a special diet she is rasting now a little dopey md said she mid have to be on the artherytis meds in going. But my dog Tornado still wants to help me out and due her job she loves her job and her life she is 11 years old she is a rescue dog had her sense she was w years old. Is there any way I can help her pain with out all the drugs

  4. I watched my five year old Weimaraner suddenly go into shock in front of me. We rushed him to our Vet but he died in the car on the way. It was over 11 years ago and the trauma of losing him so suddenly has stuck with me. Its what motivates me to watch videos like this to educate myself to provide the very best of care to my pets.

  5. my dog collapses one time, I went crazy because he is the baby of the house, took him to the vet right away, the vet didn't do much because she was scared of him biting her – I was piss, byt the time I was looking for a closes vet office, my dog was already fine – I still made an appt with his vet though, they did blood work and everything seem to be normal

  6. so glad Lewis is recovering,
    Just found your site a day or two ago. Wish I had found it while my little guy was still living, he might have had a few more years. Now all I have are cats. I don't know why but on some of the shows it is really hard to hear you

  7. ohhhh Lewis!!!! What an awesome guy!!! That dog is such a love sponge and I love how you can do anything to him and he just lets you do it with 100% trust and love and adoration of you!! I too have a black Lab named Lambeau and thats how his temperment is also. I hope Lewis never has that issue again, Thanks for sharing your videos!!

  8. So glad Lewis is okay. Pretty scary to have that happen with no warning. Dogs can be so stoic and not let on that something is happening until their bodies cant cope anymore. This always scares me that I might not know whats going on since they keep feeling ill such a secret.

  9. Oh, so scary, even for a real vet.  I am so glad he is ok because there are a lot of pets going to Rainbow Bridge right now.  It is like a mass exodus.  So many cancer deaths on the USA.  My heart goes out to the pet owners who have lost their best friends.  Glad you did not have to join this group this time.

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