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  1. Definitely an improvement, ideas for future are more dab related products. & even a gold box with more expensive stuff like nails, & drop downs for people who would pay that extra $

  2. Hey , nice videos. Can i ask you something?. Have you ever tried a weed edible that had mostly head high?. I find edibles more narcotic, body high than smoking. I really want to quit smoking, i feel it really bad for my lungs.

  3. Digging this box a lot more as I am sure many others would agree. I have a few glass spoons currently, one of which is thick as hell as it's nice to have something not too expensive while being thicker than usual for those inevitable stoner fumbles. The first thick spoon I bought ended up getting stolen unfortunately. Was Seahawks themed with a matte/satin-like opaque navy blue with opaque white and a satin-like slime green paired with transparent silver fumed sections and an integrated snake skin-like design. It's why I named it Monty as it reminded me of Python skin (and it just seemed to fit well).

    No idea why I felt like typing that. Maybe it's the late start I got on the day paired with a nice joint? Either way, looking forward to that Blue Dream review. Not sure if you'll like it as much as the indicas since you seem a lot like me in your preferences, but I'm absolutely positive you'll enjoy it. Smoke tough and cheers 🙂

  4. Great vid! I'm glad they added more and better stuff to the litebox! This months box has me debating where my next pay check is going hahah! Keep toking and smoking! -Pip Pip!

  5. Nice to see that LiteBox took your last review as a opportunity to work on their product! You can definitely see an improvement, but as usual, you will always have the whiney ones that expect the best out of every box. Cheers to you and another great video, xx

  6. Hey Josh, Huge Fan
    I have a suggestion, for each of your strain reviews you should press out one gram of bud into rosin. It would be a great way to keep some form of oil on the channel and it would be interesting to see the comparison between flower and oil

  7. #2 channel on the tube & it's because u brothers are always the 1st to bring it to the table, that poker & pipe is sick u can easily take someone's eye out ,,,they stepped they game from the last box, tanks 4 sharing that with us big thumbs-up,chachacha cheers from Gotham city 💥 Acapulco gold

  8. Looks like some good items this month, the toker poker seems like a suuper useful addition to the arsenal. But that pipe is crazy thick! It looks like it's designed to not break while you fend off scavengers with it mid sesh lol

  9. looks totally worth it if you roll a lot..good 'starter box' for new smokers too even. a cool idea all around. even cooler that they asked for input from you guys here. nice chill review josh, have a good week buddy!

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