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  1. weird complaint but I get bummed when the info is in the thumb nail. it's funny all other videos I'm sour if it's not explained decently in the picture lol. I love the surprise here.

    amazing videos

  2. omg that brass pipe reminds me of the good old days I live close to a Chinese restaurant so every week my friend and I would walk over smoke before picking up the food tripping while walking back and have the munchies like a mother fucker first time I've ever gotten high was with one of those brass pipes

  3. Great video very professional No silly stuff just perfect.
    I'm a Old guy who had to go out on Disability ,,I got Tired of taking pills and not able to function in Life..Because of my Job and taking drug test for 25 years I never used any type of Drug..I just started smoking and wow! Weed has saved my Life.I feel a helluva alot better n can get out of bed and Do things, weres Legal prescription drugs had me bed ridden…Peace

  4. yeah this is much better…. realistic amount of papers and a nice little glass spoon pipe to add to the collection. I'm wondering whether that attachment on the metal pipe isn;t some form of manual vaporiser?

  5. Hey man your videos have helped me out today more than anything. So much anxiety and depression in my life at the moment but your videos always lighten up my mood somehow. Thanks for making YouTube videos.

  6. if ur blunt or joint is running or canoeing, step ur roll game up. I couldn't tell u when the last one I had run was.. even my twax ones. if u smoke enough n pay attention u will know exactly how to stop that.

  7. For anyone wondering if they should try it out, i would. Not bad for 25 bux use josh's code and get like 15% off or something but jeah i got aome Raws 1 1/4 , some element cones and futurola cones, glass chillum, nice glass pipe with dope art and can take huge rips off it, and also a one hitter and dug out which at first i thought was a wooden joint holder but nope lol at first i thought who the hell uses these anymore? But its actually pretty convenient for quick to go rips while walking or skating. Looking to try the Green Bake box next and then the Hemper box.

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