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  1. Hey yola, I really appreciate what you are doing with the HHC but I just spent a lot of money getting some bundles and are missing some, ima tying to get everything figured out and Idek if this is your fault, but do you guys give out stuff for free and extra stuff when only like half an order comes? I’m not trying to be negative and I really love your content and brand but this has been a very frustrating thing

  2. I was born and raised in Cali. I've been saying Hella for over 30 years. People here in Texas say Hella. People back home give me so much shit for saying hella still as they all say "hella isn't said anymore you're so far behind". Central Coast Cali btw…. about 60 miles north of Santa Barbara. BTW…. I've heard hella used… in CA…TX… AZ… Canada…. Argentina…. Trinidad & Tobago that I can recall. I've travelled a lot and being something from home it's always stuck with me when I've heard it. Love the name of the box!! Cheers!

  3. Yolaaaaa come to maine please man, the rest of the country NEEDS to see the cannabis market we have up here! I’m going to meet you one day you are the one person on this platform that is 100% real on an off camera, I would love to just speak with you man.

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