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  1. Um….. she just described feelings/behaviors that I, and most folks I know, have had at one time or another. These people are out of there minds. They are obsessed with this identity that justifies their own victimhood.

  2. I went through this from 2019 until October 2021. It was hell for me. Not feeling anything nor thinking about nothing, wishing that all can stop and go on with my life. I remember thinking how it's possible that people can romanticize mental illness. I was the old classic sadboy until I tasted a bit of what real mental illness is. Said goodbye to those days long ago. I'm glad that I grew up.

  3. I've discovered this is an actual thing since a year ago, and it sucks. I'm seeing many comments on here experiencing dissociation/derealization. What can we do? Does anyone has advice or tips?

  4. Don't ignore Muhammad Qasim's dreams. His dreams are true. As per Qasim's dream —
    Approximately 11 years after World War 3 begins, Dajjal will emerge. And the beginning of World War 3 signifies that Qiyamat (The Day of Judgement) is very near.
    The beginning of World War 3 signifies that Qiyamat (The Day of Judgement) is very near. And there isn’t much time left at all, as some people have claimed and said that these events are very far away.” #MuhammadQasimDreams https://youtu.be/F8hMvo4dEdk

  5. Well dang now I have to go talk to a doctor because you described exactly how I’ve been feeling these past few years and I didn’t what was wrong with me. Definitely want to seek professional opinion after watching this, thanks!

  6. Poor girl.. For me it started a year ago and from now and then it comes back sometimes for few days… horrible feeling and you can do nothing about it. You are hurting just because someone made a decidion to hurt you in your past… Life ruined.

  7. I feel that DP/DR usually affects a high number of creative personalities, yea? As a practicing secularist Buddhist, I've learned to embrace it, I kind of like being invisible, I feel like a Mars rover just doing a tour here on planet EARTH, yea? I have to concur that traumatic past experiences play a big role in this disorder, yea? The 1966 song "I AM A ROCK" by Simon & Garfunkel fit me perfectly when it came out, yea? "EVERY WISH FULFILLED" E.T.

  8. I don't know what I have I've been to a psychiatrist I've been to therapy. I feel what she was explaining but I had a hard time getting through this video I just space out in my mind idk if it's add or dissociation disorder.

  9. I have this. I remember looking at my hands asking myself am i real? Like is this a real moment? Really does feel like you’re looking at things from like a camera lens. Worst times of my life.

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