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  1. To me it is just sad at the amount of people who are relinquishing there dogs to high kill shelters after having them for 10/12 years and then walking out with a new pup, or not ever thinking about the being they left behind. People are the reason for all of these souls being put to death! It sickens me daily as I am someone who does rescue. I have a cat right now that someone left at a petsmart in a carrier with food and water. I do t know what the reason is, don’t know why this cat was left. Do you think they would have left the cat if they knew that petsmart can not take this cat in? I would have liked to think not, but what I have learned is that people are becoming more and more selfish and uncaring about any life besides their own. Sad state this place is in, and even sadder that it is due to the people we live around!!! ;-(

  2. Maybe if our nation leaders would make people spade and neutered. Rental properties need stop being so strict on no pets policies. It's bad in America.

    Not all rich humans have the love for their pets. Best stories with pets came from mid and low class. Like Dewy Readmore, a cat from Spencer Iowa whom lived in a library for 18 yrs. He is famous for being found in a library drop box on a cold winter day in 1979.

    Also not all humans have the love for their pets. Even mental and drugged out humans killed their pets.

  3. I have a real issue with the fact that any dog/cat that goes through the shelter gets a massive amount of vaccinations. I feel this just marks them for early death. As a result, I do not support any local shelters because they buy into the vaccine campaign so heavily. WTF?

  4. I have a M.S. degree…top of my class. I find it difficult to find a home rental I can afford that will accept my animals. Currently I pay about $80 above the rental amount because I have 2 indoor cats and 1 dog. I do not understand how we are supposed to home these homeless animals if most rental homes do not accept pets. Any thoughts on this? It totally sucks.

  5. We need to stop allowing the bleeding hearts to run shelters….many of the people that work in those places are weak and cannot make clear level headed decision's……its the same with interfering with wild animals which offsets the natural selection cycle……there are times to step in but those times are far and few in between……the horrifying thing are the monkey sanctuaries that have sprung up….saving large rodents has become the thing …..its so disturbing….

  6. The think is many humans have lost their way….people dressing cats and dogs up to look like human children and calling themselves mom….dad …sister and brother as well…..now they going to the extreems by saving deformed animals like goats with no front legs but they build a wheelchair for it….just very sick and mentally ill people being allowed to call the shots in regards to things like this…..in these situations the decisions are never made with thr animal in mind it what a human wants to sooth themselves…..why isant that much put into helping children ….homeless families etc …..some are on the wrong track in life……its kinda spooky !

  7. Hello sir,please help me!!!My dog is having brownish spot all over his body..It looks like bacterial infection like hot spot..It started from his legs then it cures with ACV and then started in stomach area before 1week Im applying ACV still..But it is getting spread to his body and he's full of ticks Im giving him once a week bath with tick free shampoos and also taking ticks with my hands and killing it but still ticks dont go and now the stomach area's bacterial infection is going to cure soon..Im unable to take him to vet..Please help me out of this prob..Its very emergency..He's a golden retriever..His age is 1.8yrs old..

  8. I live in a slightly rule area in Oklahoma and I can say for a fact that the main issue is the affordability of being able to get pets spayed and neutered and people from cities dumping animals out in the country sides. People don't realize how infected with worms how overgrown their nails get or even the fact that these dogs some of them quickly turn feral and make little packs of their own just to be shot down by farms and even small ones like myself. They become a danger to the natural environment as well as they don't have let's say the Heritage that a wolf pack does or the teachings from Elders that a wolf pack does and they don't have the same fear of humans as normal wild animals. I think a lot of it is the inability to be able to get pets spayed and neutered but also a lot of that resides on the owners I mean those been like 80 bucks to get a tattoo or $180 to get something or go spend $20 everyday getting fast food but they won't save up money to get their pet fixed I have seen people who have pet mice who save up the $200 it cost to get the mouse fixed so it can have a longer happier life with other mice. I am not even kidding. So I personally don't like spaying and neutering I think there should be a better way without removing their sex organs and causing such an endocrine disbalance in them as the growth plates don't close properly this leads to a taller dog usually but also leads to issues in the bones later whether it's arthritis or hip dysplasia though we have been breeding dogs for years and these accounts of dogs that suffer when being fixed I've been considered by good breeders in the US and a lot of good breeders have bread these out. anyway most people just get free pets that haven't been spayed and neutered better from unwanted litters and it spreads like wildfire. these people don't know how to live with their animals they they just want a pet they want something that behaves and yet can't even teach it to sit. I'm surprised they have kids I mean seriously if you can't teach a dog to sit how in the hell have you taught your kids anything. I guess them off of Being Human and being able to speak makes it easier. But I just don't understand if you can't train an animal if you can't train a parrot that has Mind of a three-year-old except has wings and a bit of a harder bite and how did you teach your child anything. you can be a much better parent and a much better person by learning to train animals and learning to live with them unrestrained. I see too many people get ferrets get rats gets rabbits and put them in tiny awful cages I literally have 63 rats they do have a communal page that I will put them in but I do open the cage and let them freely roam around the house the ferret the dogs and the rabbit freely roam in and out of the house and even go outside to use the restroom. No one hurt each other the only issue is a dog trying to get into the ferret food which is stopped. hell even the goats and the horse and the chickens that live outside have occasionally made it into the house. The dog that I have knows how to open doors and there have been times he hasn't shut them all the way and the goats end up in the house just walking around like normal same with the chickens they just try to walk on in with the dogs and the horse has messaged open a door that wasn't fully latch and I had to help guide her out as I woke up to her snorting and sniffing me in bed because she can't keep her balance very well on these hard floors. you would think the dog would attack the wraps with a ferret of the ferret would eat the rats are go after the rabbit but ferrets are very particular and learn what isn't isn't food at very young ages after that it's hard to get them to eat anything else everyone lives fine together the horse has accidentally stepped on a rat tail but it was an accident and it's understandable accidents happen and especially with that kind of size difference but I wouldn't have even been surprised that she had killed the rat would have been sad I'm very grateful she didn't but I wouldn't have been surprised. In short I don't mind crate training I don't mind putting the animal in a cage but if you can't let your animals free roam 4 hours while you're home then don't have it you obviously don't have a connection to it and can't trust it or it doesn't trust you yes there's some proofing you need to do to your home but my rats don't even chew on cords or cable I know rats well enough to where they have a teething phase at a certain time of their life after that they don't really chew on things I teach them that they have toys that they can chew on and even play tug-of-war with them. these are animals not just ornaments they aren't human they don't live in the same world rats live there World entirely based on smell their very nearsighted and could only see certain colors horses see differently than humans and are praying animals dogs are Predator animals but usually live in packs where they aren't ever alone we need to realize this and live with them as the animals they are and love them for that if not all you have is an ornament that is trapped in a small cage for its life. an animal that you don't fully know nor does it fully know you make the effort I understand I myself did the same thing when I was young but now I know differently now I live differently I live with my animals and choose to accept them for all their hassles and all their love

  9. Wow! U really touched me w everything u discussed but 3 points specifically since they pertain to me. First, thank you for recommending people consider adoption and not being completely negative about designer breeds. I agree. Secondly, my dog 🐶Bradley which I believe to be a pit bull or American Bulldog (Scott type) has been “ours” for 2 years now. He was found a few blocks from my home in downtown Fresno ….. yes California! He was following (very scared and lost) a few employees by a skyscraper that weren’t sure what do with him so I offered to take him to our local SCPA. I quickly realized he was an amazing gentle giant so I refrained from actually taking him to the SPCA since they do have a high kill rate, and walked him several blocks for several hours in hopes of running into his owner but that never happened. The next day I posted all over FB and even drove him to Fresno Humane. They couldn’t take him because of city vs county regulations but told me that if I continued to care for him I was technically fostering and I could receive assistance. They equipped me with everything I needed including a crate! I was then asked to continue my search for his owners and check back in at about the week mark. So I did. Once the week mark came and I did absolutely everything I could imagine to avoid keeping they told me they still couldn’t take him but i could still continue to receive help. I kept him and had him neutered. During that time i received gift cards for pet supplies, food, and someone even dropped off a cone! Of course my children and I were delighted because we didn’t want to part ways with him, we just were unsure of how everything would work out. Well of course soon enough he started shedding excessively and itching. At that point all I could do was try to alter his diet but no matter how much I paid for high quality food or tried different sources of protein he never recuperated. My options ran out and so did the community support (i should mention that I’m a struggling single mom that can’t afford vet care.) So once again I posted on FB and was referred to this channel. The advice here is great however mostly everything I need to help him myself was out of my range financially. Fast forward to today, I’m without a job and not sure how I’ll make ends meet. Buying him food is a scary thought. The last thing I want to do is give him up. My point is this happens a lot. Not always because of adoption (yes I was eventually able to adopt, register, and immunize him) but because of life circumstances. Sometimes I wonder how much hassle and money I could’ve saved us by just being able to have him seen by a professional. Lastly, the support that you’ve suggested would definitely work Im sure! That’s exactly what I could use but more importantly the shelters that are overwhelmed by the sheer number of animals coming in is astounding! Helping as you mentioned would completely turn things around. Hopefully some day I can assist.

  10. What I don't understand is that there are Free Clinics for humans, why not Free Clinics for animals, or at least a FREE DAY out of the week. I get it on how expensive Vet schools are to learn, but if they are an established doctor that doesn't Need to pay off a debt, then why not have a day out of the month for free animal care. Think of how many animals could be spade or neutered, or blood tests, or bones set, etc.

  11. Both of mine are rescues….my youngest we adopted here in south/central TN. Huge problem with strays, dumping of puppies, generations of irresponsible owners….leash law is just a suggestion, I guess. We were part of our local rescue association for 2 years. Well meaning volunteers, but no common sense, not enough training, people being seriously bitten. Animal rescue has its dangers and people need know what they are doing. Raising this awareness certainly helps.

  12. After care support system for shelter dogs when they find a new home as are available through a reputable breeder ensures that the person/s who adopted made the right choice as matching personalities inter species is not an exact science just as in human relationships . Training and insight into canine behaviour is essential to provide to the new owners as well as information on how to care for your new pet , this is where Veterinary Secrets plays a fantastic supportive role. Thanks for sharing this topic.

  13. I would love to see the veterinary associations partner with the big dog food corporations to create a fund to assist people who are financially strapped when their pet is ill. Dog ownership should not be for the "wealthy" only. The corporations then are giving back, the vets are paid still for their service and the dogs are able to stay in homes where they are loved.

  14. I started out as a Foster care person at an LA animal Shelter when I fell instantly in love with a 12 year old Mastiff named Chewbacca. We nicknamed him Chuchu cause he LOVED bones! He had been at the shelter for a year & was turned in by his owner. A new family recently adopted him, but returned him in about a week because he growled at their kid. When I brought him home, I discovered that he was a very growly talker & in his way he was trying to tell me something quite often. I could see how someone could mistake the growling as threat. Especially intimidating because he was so big. The advantage I have is my 2 darling females, one an albino bullybull (pitbull/boxer) the other a purebred black Chow Chow. I knew that he LOVED being in my home (his bed near the wall heater) & he LOVED his new pack of females.. so this old boy was gonna try his best to learn the rules & behave. He was thrilled & amazed at being allowed to wander through my kitchen & watch as I cook. I'm pretty sure he had mostly been an outside dog his whole Life as he was a trash digger & I even caught him w/ his head in the fridge once, but he did learn the rules quickly by watching the girls. At first I kept him in my room separate & allowed them to have supervised visits. My girls accepted him pretty quickly, he tried mounting my bullybull Bella & when she wouldn't have it he backed down. Soon they became crash buddies & inseperable. They gave each other a great sense of security. We were blessed with his presence for 2 wonderful years. He died peacefully at home of natural causes. Though it was hard in the end especially for Bella, he was a valuable security asset as he made the girls feel safe by taking alpha command every chance he could find. He was possessive & protective of all of us. He had to closely inspect every man who came near me & tolerated NO other dogs (except for later, our little Xena) near our yard or on our street. He would exhibit great bursts of adrenalin & strength even towards the end when he saw another dog. I did eventually get him to calm so he wouldn't trip himself up & fall over seeing another dog when the end was approaching. He had health problems from the start, Kushings disease, big tumor & a pretty bad limp for some unknown cause, maybe shoulder displacement. But he required no expensive Vet bills as with your gracious help at Veterenary secrets, I could easily diagnose & treat his issues naturally. I did take him for check ups & blood panels in effort to know more about the tumor, but I was able to shrink that tumor to 3/4 of its original size by putting a pinch of baking soda in his water every other day. It took a couple years as I had him on baking soda one week on, one week off so his delicate system could process the sodium. The tumor was no longer an issue in the end. The Kushings disease was causing excessive drinking & urination so he had to go out every 2 hours & in the end he was just leaking & too hard to keep getting up, so I kept changing his bedding & wiping him down & tried to keep him dry with fans & the heater. I'm SO GLAD I was able to help my Chuchu stay & pass away peaceful at my home. In the Past I thought dogs had to be euthanized when they got old.. but as long as they have the will to try everyday (CBD IS THE KEY) you can work with a larger old dog & teach them to work with you as far as getting up & getting balance on all fours & making it outside for that morning walk no matter how short it may become.. because we worked together we made it happen & I didn't let him down in the end. He was completely surrounded with love & died a happy old peaceful love dog. I would do it all again in a heartbeat! I encourage EVERYONE to rescue at least one elderly dog in their Lifetime. We cannot truly know Life until we've experienced helping a loved one pass. It brought me a great feeling of accomplishment besides the the love, protection & gratitude we all got from our Chuchu. LA shelters are overcrowded & often dogs get shuffled & separated from one to the next to make room. Many Foster parents like me adopt. But the demand is still high at no kill shelters especially. I also encourage EVERYONE to adopt a big city shelter. Provide blankets, toys, food & $$ if possible. Right now, San Bernardino County, CA is in desperate need of rehabilitation. & because of a recent management change, stopped the no kill policy & they are currently euthanizing healthy pets do due poor conditions, overcrowding & minimal sponsorship. Please step up if you can & volunteer your time & attention to a deprived shelter pet even if you don't have space in your home, you can still make a space in your heart for the sweetness & rewards that caring & being cared for will bring! Even temporary companionship is FAR better than none at all. That goes both ways! 🙂

  15. I heard you mention Vancouver and the desperate shortage of adoptable animals here. I won't go into details as to why because I'm sure you're aware of our situation and how it's come about and how very sad it is that there are so many dogs in desperate need of loving homes and Vancouver would be able to house thousands of them. Personally I have room for three more in my home I live on my own with my lab Luke and I would be more than happy to welcome three dogs into my home. Although the city would not be very agreeable to this I'm sure. I visit the one remaining shelter in our area and the options of adoptable dogs or either the elderly with severe health problems. Or dogs with such bad behavioral problems that they're adopted out and brought back several times and they accept that their life will be spent going back and forth to an assortment of resources. This leaves pet stores which only encourages puppy mills or breeders that have become so greedy that they're asking $1,000 for a dog mixed with four breeds or between 15 and 2500 for a purebred it's gotten . When I adopted Luke I was unable to find a rescue and couldn't afford the price they wanted for him so fortunately these people were willing to barter merchandise I happen to have possessions that they wanted and I was blessed to get him in return. Had that not been the case when my last girl passed on I don't know if I would have been able to afford to have the love of a dog in my home. If only we could get these dogs from these overcrowded facilities in the states and have them brought here there would be homes for all of them. Almost overnight. People don't believe me when I tell them that there are literally no adoptable dogs 4 the middle or lower class families. There are boys and girls that will go their entire childhood never having had a loving relationship with a dog of Their Own. I never dreamt our extremely successful spay and neuter program would turn around and bite Us in the butt pardon the pun LOL. In closing I don't understand why there is money available for the dogs to be flown from third world countries yet there doesn't seem to be money to bring these other lovely animals across the border. I apologize if I sound arrogant at times. It just comes from Passion for the cause and feelings of hopelessness that dogs are being euthanized when there are homes available and the only issue is distance. A very important topic thank you. The solution comes from talking about it as often as possible in hopes finding a way to bring about change. And it's videos like yours doctor that do that..

  16. I used to volunteer at a "no kill" animal shelter and when we would have a dog or cat that for whatever reason was deemed "unadoptable", the shelter would work out a transfer to another shelter in the area that had a special program to work with these animals or in the case of one very large cat that had an extremely bold attitude, (he would walk up to any person that entered the room and start catter-walling then corner them aggressively). We knew that no one would be able to handle him so the shelter made an exceptional decision and he was adopted out to a farm to live in the barn to control rodents. This is something most shelters would NEVER permit to an adopter but he was such an exceptional case and they didn't want to put him down. Animals that were deemed unadoptable for health reasons usually ended up in permanent foster care to get them out of living their lives in a cage.

  17. Hi Doc. I really appreciate your channel. I have had pets most of my life, and I try to keep their diets and care as close to nature and natural as possible. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge with us. Have a blessed day!

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