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  1. Damn, just watched like 10 videos and this one kills it all, WE HAVE TO SMOKE , ive gotten like 99% of my glass from here and i bought my ashcatch at the alex k sale! check my vids, im hella local hit me upp

  2. yes you can clean a bong in fact, i only have to use the cold tap on high for a couple of minutes to clean my glass bong and get it back to smelling of nothing, and believe me, i smoke alot out of it, aint broken it yet, its called taking care of your PIECE, peace.

  3. @slash10204 Well, theres several, but mainly i go to Magic Mushroom in ascuntey VT and Good Stuff in St Alban VT. NH smokeshops are garbage, usualy side-of-the-road gas stations with mass produced crap, hopefully once this magical marijuana bill passes we'll step our smokeshop game up.

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