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  1. Parker is the truth! you can tell he’s a Gangster but a Gangster in a garden not a gardener in the street or on the battle fields…Parker stay killin it homie love Homegrown Cannabis Co!!!

  2. I’ve done some mainline it’s a cool technique indoors I never top my outside plants . Mainline doesn’t increase my yields just all nice buds but I like growing monster plant for the most part and mainline most I’ve seen people do is 9 tops I’m about to harvest a main 17 topper . It is impressive but I can out produce bye just letting them grow lol not even doing my bending and supercropping I usually do .
    Happy growing!!

  3. 💚👍mainline, manifold what ever I can't wait too see it grow. I do mine much younger or smaller. Going too learn something one way or another .💚👍keep the content coming ✌

  4. I mainline most of my plants with impressive results. While your plant is much bigger / older than the ones I would start this process on, its a weed, you can't really mess it up! 🙂

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