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  1. Let me share my own simple hack. I chop my roux cubes finely before I add them so they dissolve quite easily and quickly. No chance of bumping into an undissolved chunk of roux.

  2. Love the channel and I love this guy. I'm making this for dinner tonight with some pork tonkatsu and rice… But I guarantee you I'm going to microwave my carrots… Just to piss off all you people that say you shouldn't do that…

  3. I'm happy you brought up the term gaijin because I have similar feelings about the related Korean word 외국인 (pron. way-goo-geen "foreigner"). I've learned to speak and understand Korean to an appreciable level but have found that in Korea, I'm always treated (politely) as an outsider, no matter my Korean language skills or knowledge. Even though I may never be considered a "true" Korean, I still value deeply the appreciation from Koreans (in Korea or the US) that I receive for my effort to understand their language, history and culture. By now, many of my tastes and values have more and more aligned to Koreans', so I feel what you mean by how you've embraced a sometimes derogatory term like gaijin.

  4. Ivan, I was lucky enough to see your life’s story on Netflix, and I can say without reservations that you are a inspiration. I just hope that one day I can visit your restaurant in New York one day. Ivan Ramen, that is you. Your passion shines,brother. Peace, brother.

  5. Bit late to the video but if you mix the roe in a glass or bowl before hand in some hot water then add it to your pot you can avoid having to mix the curry for so long and avoid any bits of roe that are not fully incorporated.

  6. Speaking from my experience of living in Japan for 30 years, most Japanese people do not really agree with the claim that "Gaijin is a derogatory term".
    So except in official situations, the term "Gaijin" is still often used in Japan.
    Unfortunately, I think we Japanese are not going to stop using the word, even if some people are sick of it.
    Until the evidence is presented that using the shortened form of the word "foreigner" is in itself discriminatory.
    That curry looks pretty delicious btw. Thanks for video!

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