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  1. This is the dumbest way to make carts I have seen. if you don’t want your carts to clog use live rosin instead of flower rosin. You have to decarb the concentrate for a while if u want the right consistency

  2. So, been doing this a while. If you are going to use regular carts, you either dilute with terps OR use 0.5mL carts and hit it with a torch for a few seconds before a sesh. Also, use a syringe to load them.

  3. Is that hash rosin too ,cuz that should be really good then , great job 😊❤ thanks for the bids man I watch most of them one day I'll be able to afford one soon I hope because I really want to press I don't like chemical dabs I smoke a lot of hash I make own too Frenchie cannoli style Rip king of hash!!!!!!!!!!!!

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