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  1. Dr. Jones, you are so great! Thank you for taking the time to keep us all informed of the natural remedies for our loves. I purchased CBD oil from Innovet which states it has hemp oil/seeds and CBD oil on the bottle label. The label does not state Thc; however, their certificate online states .03 thc. I am hoping I have the correct product that will actually help since it does not state thc on the bottle. Does anyone know if you can give your dog CBD oil when they are still on prednisone? My pup has a mass on his left rear leg, which occurred after a Lyme vaccine. The first vet thought it was originally Lyme disease, due to left rear leg limp and low platelets. The second vet thought it was a granuloma (no cancer cells or bacteria were found), after aspiration of the mass and now the third vet, who is a surgeon, thinks it's a cancerous mass and will be doing an actual biopsy next week. The mass is a soft tissue mass and it is still restricting him after being on multiple pain meds, Doxycycline, Clavamox, since August and Prednisone, since October. His platelets are also still low at 44k and our vet reduced the dosage to wean him off, due to elevated liver enzymes. Not too sure what that will do to his platelets after he is done with the prednisone. I want to get him on natural products and will be starting with the milk thistle and dandelion, but is there anything natural that will help in the production of platelets? I thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide. Thank you.

  2. all ways wondered what thc would do to a critter ;] your dog was messed up how funny but not at the time as you were unaware of what he ate lol story made my day funny but not in a mean way of course. be blessed n whole in Jesus nae friend…heck i need some but in Tennessee there heads up arse look up skywatch tv n into the multiverse with josh peck,,, Michael heiser

  3. It really annoys me that in your country they allow it for children and pets, but here in NZ they won't allow children, babies that constantly seizure have this medication. Some of the babies that are severe with their seisures die,. With no point. Or to prove what point? It really just Ps me off

  4. Hey Dr Andrew I have an update to my past question and message. I put my Chi on Keppra for the seizures but her teeth are still bothering her. She lost a couple already about a few weeks back and I have been trying to brush and keep coconut oil on them. When the pain gets too bad I give her a little tramadol and or a little asprin. If they don't get better I will have to take her to get a cleaning and extraction. My question is when I put coconut oil on her teeth yesterday I think she inhaled a little of the oil. Will she be OK or should I worry about pneumonia now? Sorry for the essay Dr A I'm just thorough and worried. Thank you

  5. Another relevant, timely video…..great job, doc! Question: would you give this to a 22 yr old cat with just beginnings of kidney disease? My Zoe, I'm sure suffers arthritic pain, due to her sensitivity to being touched by her lower spine/tail. Is she at risk in any way due to her age or developing kidney disease….or can i give her the CBD oil?

  6. I subscribed about 2 weeks ago and clicked the bell but still do not get notifications. Only recently found your channel and watched a few videos and I learned each time (I adopted 2 dogs, 2 cats with issues). Recently I watched the videos about itching, proper feeding of cats, dental disease, saving $ at the vet, etc. I owned GSDs for 35 years (and still do) and had to face the end of life issues many times, unfortunately. Thank you for the video about losing your beloved Louis(please accept my condolences). I have faced many vulnerable times in front of my vet when my dogs were at the end of life. Thank you for being vulnerable in that way to show what you went thru to your subscribers.

  7. Dr Andrew I just bought something called Oratene Antiseptic Oral gel for my Chihuahua who has periodontalis gum problems and has already lost some teeth. The reviews were great and some claimed it saved whatever teeth their dogs had left. She is epileptic and dont want her to get extractions just in case. She has been rubbing her mouth and I feel so bad for her so my vet put her on a antibiotic but it's about to run out and I was desperate and read good reviews on this gel with enzymes that help just like raw beef has. Is there any other suggestions besides these natural remedies which I am also doing most of that you can think of. I will get whatever natural remedies I don't have mentioned in the past video tomorrow. Thanks and bless you Dr Andrew.

  8. 🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶Guys!!! I need some HELP. My baby chi keeps scratching and he's doing it so much that he's making sores. He chews and straches himself. I have checked for fleas because he's allergic and there's not one single one. I've bathed him in oatmeal shampoo, used half and half Apple cider vinegar and conditioned his fur. I'm sure it's not fleas since I don't see any and I always take precautions that he doesn't since he's allergic. The only thing I haven't tried is giving him some benadryl. Please, any advice. Thank you.

    ❤One worried mum of two sweet chis.❤

  9. Whoop! I have another success story. My English Bully had a bout of pancreatitis. I got it diagnosed and he was not severe enough to need hospitalization. I came home with prescription pain meds. Deramaxx. It was horrible. My boy spit up blood that I initially thought I had triggered scratching his throat while administering. The next morning I awoke to bloody diarrhea. He had not had diarrhea previously. It was nasty and explosive. After another trip to the vet, who adamantly denied the cause being the Deramaxx, we came home with a treatment for parasites. My gut told me he didn't have worms and the two samples I provided were negative for parasites. His pain worsened to the point he growled at me when I tried to pet him. I had had enough. The next morning, after hours of research, I was at the health food store and purchased CBD oil. Honest to God, four doses later he was completely back to normal. A little pumpkin in his rice and chicken with CBD oil was miraculous. I'm still not sure what triggered the pancreatitis, but have made adjustments to his diet and keep some CBD oil on hand!

  10. Thank you very much for this valuable info! Could you give these Drops to a Diabetic Dog and what would the benefit be? It is not legal in our Country and there are some illegal potions on the market, for a fortune, but one canno t get info of the contence. It is normaly made with Glyzerin or on request with olive oil. Would you recomend these potions or rather not. The seller tells you how many drops to administer according to the weight of the dig, but can t or woun t elaborate on the Ingrediencen. Have you got any natural remedies otherwise for a diabetic dog? The vet s here don t know very much about diabetis other than increasing the insulin on a regular basis and THAT is not working either. Or should/could I rather send you an e-mail?

  11. A brave, honest & caring Dr…….bless your heart for helping so many & standing up to the poisoning establishment madness……you’re a gem with a heart…….❤️🙏🇨🇦

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