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  1. uk u guys are dicks right, you over there smoking dilecious herb, amazing rosin, and i'm sitting here grabbing at the screen with a sad look on my face all like…… 🤏😢 please lol

  2. Hmmm i wonder what he's putting that micron bag 1:49 🤔 I guess we'll never know haha.
    But for real another great vid man. I've "told some friends for fuck's sake" about this channel too. Im excited to try and make diamonds. i dont have something like the luxurious IQ, but ive learned the jist ramping just from your videos

  3. Puffing on some amazing stuff right now in my banger while watching this. It’s some gelato diamonds and some unknown shatter lol. Forget the strain but it’s definitely a Sativa dominant. Really tasty and great head high, not to heavy in the body. Mostly energetic and chill. Makes me talkative as heck haha.

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