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  1. Okay, I’ve watched a few of your videos now, I went looking for one on cannabis after watching your video on psychedelics.
    I am happy to be a subscriber. Nice one 😉

  2. I bought CBD oil from a licensed dispensary in Ontario. This stuff smells like weed LOL of course and I’m sure it tastes it too. How does one give it to a CAT —cats are more picky than dogs— because it’s strong smelling and I’m sure strong tasting — to ensure they take it? I’ve tried squirting in mouth but because elf the weed smell and taste I wonder if it bothers my cat and is probably stressful squirting it in the mouth

  3. İ have a cat.. We use now luminaletten 2 times(half half) per 12 hours..

    He was for 25 days good. Now have 2 times in 3 days..

    Which cbd product would you advise me as a support? Thank you

  4. I am confused about the THC levels in cbd oil. I have a cat with ckd that is on anti nausea meds from the vet. Only 4 pills with no refills. Will cbd isolate help with nausea and why is it that some advise not to use thc because it may be too strong. I hope you get to read this a have answer for me. So far I purchased per your advice, Epikitin and it is working wonderfully along with the prescribed Asodyl from the vet. No vomiting today. Sorry I missed your segment on cbd. Thank you for your time and effort to help our pets live better lives.

  5. Dr. Jones, could you do a video on why dogs eat grass? My friends terrier
    Has been eating grass for 2 weeks now and when he lays down at night he makes a sigh as if he had a stomach ache. Amy suggestions would be great. Thankyou!

  6. Dear Dr Jones , please make a video about solution to up coming holidays with VERU NOISY FIRIWORKS.
    Many animals suffer for hours from the scary noise . Over the counter stuff did not work. Thank you

  7. I really enjoy all your videos. And appreciate how you are helping the animal world. It seems we are focused on Cancer Treatment. Do you have recommendations for Cancer prevention such as regular doses of FenBen, or apocaps, or Curcumin whatever that may help us prevent Cancer in our fur babies?

  8. Which one would you use for a dog who is having bought of aggression towards other dogs for no reason other than them barking at something and other times when he is hyped up and can't get to what he wants?

  9. So great to learn of the other helpful people properties 👍🏼 When we can afford it, CBD with some THC, helps my dogs tremendously! Especially my older dog👍🏼🐶🐕

  10. Thank you! I hope you know you not only help our little critters but you help people as well. Kind of a hard thing to do these days. Thank you so much for your videos and time care to our animals. Bless your soul.🤗 looking forward to your next video.

  11. Thank you for explaining the different components of CBD and breaking them down. I have heard of them, but only am SORT OF familiar with a couple of them. I just shared to my Facebook page.
    Thank you Dr. Andrew!😊❤
    – wanda

  12. Hey Doc! How are you?
    Yes, Cannabinoids are great for dogs & cats….& people too. 😊
    I bought CBD RAW HONEY at my great pet store near us. (They are great!)
    The label said contains OTHER cannabinoids too… Now I know what they meant. Thanks.
    CBD is great for anxiety, separation issues, stomach problems & pain. I’ve also used for aggression issues too. Male cats…. they love to beat each other. up… big bullies they are. 😂
    I’ve found that the best way to deal w/ the psychotropic issues…(besides being stingy on the dosage if they react like that…)
    Is to play them PINK FLOYD music….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    They seem to like it.,,.😂😂😂😂😂
    LOLZ! Hope you are all well & happy.
    Thanks for another informative video.

  13. any, advice, have pit/lab pupps that only want to eat max 1 cup of kibble a day. Ive tried them all. Was mixing real food like sweet potatoe chicken rice gizzards in for them to eat but its becoming 2 much hastle n costly. My grandfather fed his small breed kibble with purina pouches mixed and lived like16 years. Ive started 2 use that with kibble with sucess it seems. Im at my wits end. Thier kibble is science diet as per vet, and i have blue buffalo mixed in curently, should i lower the amount of kibble with pouches? They have a large yard and play/fight so they burn alot. But on kibble alone they just lethargic. Tried all the tricks putting treats and chicken jerky in bag of kibble to give it that smell. Water/chicken stock in kibble etc. Just wanna make sure the pouches with science diet or any other kibble is safe and how much? Also any recomdations on best kibble as i know vets get kickbaks, or a healthier version of gravy pouches? Any advice would b great!

  14. Thank you, signed up for the webinar and sent it to 3 I know will be very interested in attending. Thank you, I'm just about in tears today seeing both my girls in pain and limping. The only thing I can think since late last night and very early this morning is it had to happen when coming downstairs.

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