Meet One of Australia’s Most Notorious Underworld Enforcers

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For almost 30 years notorious gangster Graham ‘Abo’ Henry and his partner Neddy Smith ruled the mean streets of Sydney, …

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  1. This was my local watering hole from about 1986 till 1997. All I can say we respected them and they put up with us. We called ourselves Mods or Skins back then.

  2. The thing is with all these "characters", time and karma eventually catches up with all of them.
    Yes, they can say they lived a "glamorous, hard life", however, what's the point of having a long life if you don't have the family and relationships to comfort you in old age?

    These enforcers, thugs and lowlifes blast their way through families and associates and if you keep doing this for long enough, no one wants anything to do with you.
    There is a saying that's it's better to be feared, than loved, HOWEVER, fear can only be propped up by violence and force for a finite time. As these scumbags deteriorate with age, their ability to "enforce" their way on those around them eventually declines. These two bit criminals are also hopeless with their finances, so they usually wind up broke as well.

    These so called "hard men" think that they'll live forever and that their reign will too. All it takes is for the next younger, fitter, stronger generation to usurp them and then what do they have?

    It's better to live a joyful, generous and loving life. One day you will be an old man or woman. Do you want to spend it surrounded by loved ones that want to regularly visit you or spend it looking over your shoulder, waiting for the day when you get bashed in your wheelchair?

    Fear and violence is temporary. Love endures.

    This bloke would have a Christmas card list of people (or children of people) that would love to cave his head in.
    I pity this mans life in old age. He'll wind up in a nursing home with few visitors eating his runny meals out of a bowl and harping on about the good old days….that's if he can remember them. No one will listen anyway.
    I wouldn't be surprised if he gets bashed in his nursing home one day.
    He can't say that it wasn't to be expected. You think you can go through life hurting people and not expect any repercussions?
    I wonder what sort of person he sees in the mirror? Probably someone he is not happy with.

    So what do I know? I took up boxing and martial arts after living under the tyranny of a violent stepfather from 5yo to 13yo. I've worked as a bouncer and I did 23 years in the military and deployed to three warzones
    I've seen enough senseless sadistic violence for three lifetimes and it absolutely disgusts me.

    I carry a few scars both physically and mentally, however, I've worked hard to create a loving wonderful family environment for my wife and children.
    Our home is warm, compassionate and respectful with lots of love to go around.
    This is what matters most in life, not some BS leaderboard of how many poor souls you have bashed…..

    People's ego's are their biggest weakness.

  3. ha ha—i lived in 41 Ada Place . Ultimo in '1988—I wondered why that copper neighbor looked a bit crook that week—–later 1n 1995 Marshall Moore allegedly bribed police prosecutor Mal Spence …ICAC (in '95) said he was given indemnity from prosecution so that he could testify against Spence …

  4. Hahahahah oldmate Ned reminds me of so many old timers I've met at pubs, there are so many fellas from back in the day that you wouldn't even notice walking down the road that have so many munted stories.

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