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  1. Can I give human melatonin to a cat ? What is the best cat brand of melatonin? What is the best for a cat that stay up crying all night? Melatonin, Hemp or CBD ?

  2. I think my dog has Cushing's. The Vet wants to do a test. The test itself is very expensive and I know the treatment for Cushing's is expensive too and also toxic. Melatonin seems like a dream come true and I'm going to start using it. I appreciate you and your videos and want to thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

  3. Sorry but I have given my dog melatonin according to her weight without having to risk overdosing her. It does not work! She is supposed to be a lap dog to being with and she ended up not being one. But melatonin does not work

  4. Doc, if I let my dog have this melatonin how long does he/she will be asleep? Because we will be the one who'll drain the aural hematoma and we cannot do it because my dog is super hyper and I am planning to use sleeping pills so that we can extract it..

  5. My 10lb Westie-Shu, just swallowed one of my 5mg Melatonin, It's 1/2 quick release, 1/2 time release, so I was freaking out, crying, thinking he's going to die. He's only 14 months tomorrow. I'm not quite as worried. I expect he will sleep a lot tomorrow. I will call the vet in the morning.

  6. Hi doctor..I am also a veterinary student.thanks for this beautiful video
    My question is whether this cuase addiction?? is it useful for the furious dog suspected for rabies but not diagnosed yet?

  7. So I'm guessing it would be good for dogs who are scared of fireworks on the 4th of July and help them relax so we can clip their nails and brush their teeth correct thank you so much so glad I found your Channel

  8. Hi Dr,
    I have a Siberian Husky who can be a bit of a grump. He needs his dew claws clipping and everytime I take him to the vets he needs to be sedated. To cut things short, they gave me a ridiculous estimate today to sedate and clip nails… Could I use Melatonin to help him sleep and cut the nails myself?
    Thanks for any advice given.

    Great video by the way 😎

  9. Hello doc. My dog have a very big wound around his face(totally losses his face fur) and neck, starting to lose hair, I think it a hot spot, I have tried every medication at home (we can’t afford vet) our dog is an aspin (asong pinoy). We want to tranquillise him so that we are able to clean his wound without him trying to escape and wiggle a lot. It’s been a week now. We really don’t know what to do next. 😭

  10. great information Thank you! …Im gonna try the melatonin for my 15yr old dachshund Lucy….she is very restless at night….I take it for myself and it helps me..so maybe it will help her. Im giving her the one I take by Natural Factors…ingredients look ok w/ no artificial sweeteners. Half a tab is 1.5mg so will cut it down to a bit less. She is about 13-14lbs.

  11. How much would i give to my 16lb dog and how long before i leave him for a few hours. my dog barks alot and sometimes destroys things . my vet gave me some medicine and it just drugged him to the point he coulnt walk straight which scared me so i wont give it to him even a tiny piece gave him trouble so i told vet i wont be giving it to him it made him high. tried another and it did nothing so when i saw this i want to try it i use it for myself at night so i have in the house i have it in a dropper bottle and fast melts. drops are 1mg and the fast melts are 3mg .

  12. Please answer as quick as possible my dog hasn't been eating now he's really really skiny and we're all worried we want to take him to a vet but they all cost alot please tell me what to do he can't even walk right

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