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  1. Greece is such a great nation with a deep rooted history , so why keep stealing Turkish cuisine . This dish literally has the whole of Turkish history in it , from being just a different kind of Chinese dumpling from back when the Turks where roaming in Asia to the change of the sauces from probably some kind of broth or Chinese sauce to Butter , Tomato paste and Yoghurt . Vice really loves to call out that ethnicity has to be respected and herritage this herritage that bla bla , in so many Munchies video's you totally shit on the Turkish Herritage by allowing this 😀

  2. Thank god people on here understand cooking, I cant stand seeing people say "that's way too much butter! You'll get a heart attack!" like I always do on other cooking videos. You guys understand that isn't all being eaten after the cooking process. They always say when they're sipping on a large coke from Mcdonalds and eating chicken nuggets which they think is healthier because it doesn't have butter

  3. THIS is a pro. He explains WHY you need to do everything, and does so in a way that's easy to understand, while making the whole thing look extremely easy due to skill

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