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  1. You guys better have washed your fucking hands LOL… Funny to see how little even Chubbs knew back 5 or 6 years ago. Grabs the snake of poop soup with his bare fingers "Now THIS is good wax" HAHAHA

  2. hahah @ jonathansibley You must be a fucking noob ass kid sorry. You obviously dont know how to make earwax or anything. BHO can come out way better than co2 and co2 doesnt always come out the best. with butane as long as you have your purging down itll come out clear… with a little tint of yellow… Co2 is usually better,,, but bro you know theres growers out there that can throw down some bomb concentrates.

  3. hey guys what exactly is wax??? is it made with the butane ?? whats the process to making wax ?? im clueless , keep up the good vids im learning tons of stuff thanks ccc420

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