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  1. Did that not include the subscription box because I've gotten my second subscription box but I didn't get anything free with it and the subscription boxes are awesome love the flavors have nothing to complain about

  2. Also the oz’s separately they are $90 an oz but, if you buy like 2 oz’s of AAA weed witch is WAY better then AAA idk why they have it categorized in AAA, you’ll get this oz deal witch takes money off and buying 2oz’s is way cheaper then paying for 1

  3. That's a great deal Yola I have a big favor if you could please try to save one of one of hella high club boxes I've been trying to get one please try to say what four brother I'm trying to buy it on the 30th they're not sold out hopefully my wish comes true you're the man always a great show brother much love✌💨💨💨💨

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