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  1. Here's the thing about The Peppermill, Quantity over Quality is not a good thing. There food is mediocre. That french toast avant garde platter taste like it came right out a box. There scrammbled eggs was flavorless. It was a big disappointment. I would recommend Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant.

  2. For those that don't know, John Curtas knows more about his cities food than probably anyone in America. His recommendations just never miss. For all of the "food journalists" that are paid by the restaurants to prop them up, he is on the front line of finding the superb hole in the wall restaurants that just opened, eating every at every iniimidating Asian place in Chinatown, or guiding you through which expensive strip places are really worth your money.

    Fun fact that he shared on a podcast, John gave up going to the Golden Steer for over a decade. He was reintroduced to the place through friends, and the Golden Steer has transformed itself from simply a place that was successful for it's history to one of the top 15 steakhouses in Vegas again. The history of this place is great, but it's still well behind some of the strip steakhouses like Cut or SW which are in the top 5 steakhouses in the country.

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