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  1. It must be so strange to meet a woman taller than you(as a man). It's only happened once in my life and I remember EXACTLY where I was when I saw her, lol. I was in Portugal at the EXPO, watching a space documentary in a small theater, and she was like 6'9" !!!

    As a tall person, it felt weird having a woman taller than me. I wonder if it always feels weird for short men, or if they just get used to it.

  2. Just lately seeing these videos…the production, music, video cuts, the people who are brought in…. it's 2021 but this show's how charming things can be if you want to find them

  3. Wales reminds me a lot of where I grew up and live now, the Finger Lakes region of NY state. The scenery is much the same. Still, I'd love to spend some time in Wales. Someday!

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