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  1. I used a mixture of 1 lemon and a half a spoon of raw honey mixed real well..you wanna get it real slimy..now get yourself one of those suction things that you use on babys to get the boogers out..drop 2 to 3 drops in each nostril. Now this is gona burn trust me,but the acid in the lemon will burn and loosen all the mucus in the nose..after about 5 minutes give your some grass or whatever makes him trow up so he can expel all the nasty stuff..thank me later

  2. Hi!
    Just wondering if this is suitable for an infection that could be deeper in the nose? Or is sinus rinsing with something like lavender oil an option? My vets think it could be something lodged inside or a fungal infection as antibiotics help but then the issues come right back…but I can’t afford a cat scan or the possible surgeries that follow so I’m desperate to find a solution. My border collie is making loud snoring noises constantly and has really bad nose bleeds lately.

  3. Hi, can I ask if this worked? Did you do a follow up video for this as I can’t seem to find one? I have a German shepherd with a similar looking nose problem and wanted to try this but obviously it would help,if I knew it was successful for you. Thanks.

  4. Hi Dr.Jones, I have a question. I have a strong suspicion my dog has Nasal Polyps. I wanted to know is there a treatment other than surgical removal? I was reading it can sometimes be treated with Piroxicam? He has been showing symptoms of Nasal discharge, and chucks of red gunk at least once a week. Are they painful? Anyway would love to hear your take. Thanks!

  5. Hi guys my dog has I think fungus on side of nose. I’ve been using CBD oil & now ivermectin. Day 4.
    Any one with thought wood b appreciated ❤️LOOKS BUBBLY PATCHY DRY.. like a flat wort

  6. Doc my dogs nose gets stuffy at night, she’s sleeping more and not eating as much as before but still eating, still active and playing around but seems more tired than usual. She sleeps in our bedroom at night and it’s winter, I see her making noises trying to breathe through her nose…could this be a cold or something more serious?

  7. 1 If you all have not seen a documentary called…. It's worse than you think… By relations with Jesus Christ ministries… I suggest you do…. all Praise and glory to the most high Jesus Christ

  8. Hi very recently I've noticed my dog has dry debri on the corner of his left nose. Both nostrils are clear from the inside however. But I don't want it to spread. Would this solution work? Would using just coconut and honey also be helpful? Please My advice would help.

  9. I really like your methods. I use the curcumine because of you and I noticed my 14 year old staffys eyes have become less milky and look clear now after years of using it. Anyway I wanted to ask if you know citric drops and if that would also work as sinus rinse? I suspect fungal infection due to exposure to household moulds. Thanks for your great vids

  10. This really works thank you so much. It stopped the symptoms. Also you saved me a ton of money. I was definitely worried that my dogs problems would cost me a fortune. I hope to see more of your videos in the near future, to stop other health problems for my dogs.

  11. Thank you. My Dogs is like 8 Years old and his nost is very dry and crusty all over. This Salution good for that by any chance? I have been to a vet before about it.. But he said it would be crust and dry all his life..so i wonder if this Resolves the crust/dryness. May try it.

  12. My puppy’s nose peeled the other day he’s been recovering from kennel cough so it’s been a snot fest. Nose is still black but a crust layer of black peeled without hurting him…is this normal?

  13. All 3 of my labs contracted nasal dermatitis and so distressed. Reg vet wants antibiotics, steroids. Started using your remedy but Wow these pups noses are raw. Waiting for a biopsy to determine what next. Highly contagious… As all 3 of mine got it.

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