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  1. Women have learnt to milk victimhood. I don't see anything wrong with what the university did. If the man denied the accusation, it's best to bring in the police. Rape is a crime under the law.

  2. She's contradicting her own words. She wants better for others, but would not bite the bullet herself and now she's mad she has to actually step out. I'd be glad the university listened and did something about it

  3. I love how you all try not to show that boring ass lady’s face but you still use her voice I can tell which presenter it is he’s horrible look at the stats 42,000 come the hour later presenter is boring

  4. I see a lot of people commenting that victims cases should have to be reported to protect others even if the victim doesn’t want that. Wrong. They are already victims specifically because someone did something to them against their will. No one owes it to society to have personal information of their own reported especially when it is of such a sensitive nature. If you really want these problems to be alleviated get mad at the offenders and actually start putting pressure on men to change their behavior. Stop always looking for a way to blame victims. This is why we are in the situation we are now as a society. The only people whose duty it is to sacrifice anything to curb this problem is the offenders period. Other than that this won’t stop and it will continue to get worse along with all of the side effects that it has on society in general.

  5. I think what this entire segment is about is reporting to the police and not media. However, in areas that are corrupt reporting to media, creating an outrage is the best option. I don't have the details, I hope the media didn't take this as a means for profit. I hope the authorities at hand were *just*. It's very difficult to decipher through this interview.

  6. I'm sorry for what she went through but I'm not sure why this is even a story vice thought they ought to publish. The uni would've gotten heat for not reporting this especially if there was other victims.

  7. Imagine when they don’t report.
    Sounds like a lawsuit setup.
    OR, it’s all a set up to get at a school or an individual/s without real consequences for lies?
    That has never happened I’m sure.

  8. She wanted something to be done, that is clear. The problem was the pre, ongoing and aftercare provided by the university. The report should have been a collaborative effort throughout, which it wasn’t. She wasn’t ready for the consequences or aftermath of a police investigation and the school ignored her wishes. Maybe to avoid a possible lawsuit and media backlash. They acted responsibly (which hasn’t always been the case with educational institutions) but including her name without her consent took away autonomy. She isn’t just a case, she’s a human and I think that a genuine, human, empathetic approach was lacking here. She’s entitled to whatever reaction, we can’t police a victims response after such a traumatic event. She’s young and still learning.

  9. Good, People who DON'T report sexual abuse even if you're the absused need to realize what the lack of action leads to, in most cases someone else being abused by that person. There should be a level of accountability if you get abused, dont report it and someone else gets abused by that person because you didn't do your civil duty to protect anyone else from that abuse

  10. Okay, a lot of clarity was needed that (in my opinion) the problem wasn't the reporting but the lack of steps taken after to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of the victim. The way this video was structured feels slightly misleading, hence all the confusion.
    If she told the university, they had to report it BY LAW, there is no choice in the matter. Otherwise, while they wait, don't they risk sitting back and allowing the perpetrator to hurt someone else – only creating another victim??
    This is all very confusing from the first look

  11. So would you rather they ignore it and pretend it didn't happen? Because this is what most college students have to deal with. Why on earth would you get mad for someone wanting to help you and report it? Also, there IS a such thing as mandatory reporting required by law. Not just college laws but actual laws. And she reported it herself and the school took it seriously. It's a criminal offense and will be investigated as such. Why is she mad? I'm genuinely confused

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  13. Wait a second….the victim is hurt bcz the uni actually reported the Crime?
    I am sorry to say this
    But if you are unable to stand for yourself then people will definitely walk over you and crush you for being as pathetic as you are.

  14. So she wanted them to take it seriously but not report it to the authorities? Sounds like she just wanted the university to punish this person without a proper investigation. There are numerous cases of people getting their lives destroyed by false claims. Take every claim seriously and investigate it to ensure its validity

  15. Many universities don't report SA to the local police in order to hide the extent of SA on their campus from the public. It doesn't make sense that the victim would be upset about a police report, especially since the victim did not specify exactly what measures they wanted the university to take (ex: "spare no effort in seeking justice"). Also, a university is not a police or detective force. They aren't equipped conduct criminal investigations, and they lack the accountability to the public that the police typically have. It's in everyone's best interest that police investigate SA cases instead of universities.

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