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  1. My dog will be having surgery soon and unfortunately I don't have a holistic vet that can do it so is there a recommendation on what meds for the vet to give my dog after surgery instead of the usual pain med they give? In case they say they have to give something for pain? My dog is having a cyst removed that has to be removed because of where it's at 🙁 She's 13 and the only time she ever had a prescription med she threw it up. Also, what do you think about fermented ginger for dogs? I tried to google but couldn't find anything on fermented ginger for dogs. There could had been something but if there was I missed finding it. Would that be just as good as ginger tea? I have also read that turmeric should be stopped two weeks before surgery. Does that mean if giving curcumin that it should be stopped, too, since they are from the same thing? Thanks for your time hoping you reply.

  2. Ta
    Thank you I lost a cat due to no hydration during surgery. Now it is on the guys chart and I emphasize it. It crossed my mind to mention it but they usually included it as part of any surgery. My loss was devastating.

  3. Love your videos
    Quick question…
    Can the herbs found in herbal store for humans be used for pets or can they be found in pet store? Only asking because some things in the health food store specifically say not for pets.

  4. Thanks for the info. My dad's beagle needs some dental work, and I was wondering about all this! I'm nervous about her going under anesthesia because she is approximately nine yrs old and overweight. Her vet said, "she should be fine if all her blood work comes back normal. Thanks for posting! I'm always looking for natural ways to help her.

  5. That ginger tea is good in general, I have it everyday. What about thuja would that be good too? How long should they take the remedies for? THanks and keep sharing. Blessings.


  7. This Dr is amazing. See my concerns below in the comment section. Last night I thought might be losing my Lucy. I performed healing touch and massage therapy on her until I could tell she had had enough. This morning she awoke more like herself. She even managed to walk half way through the market. It will take a lot of research on your part to find the proper treatment. Lucy is on a variety of natural remedies during this critical stage, but is at least responding. I am concerned about the strength of the CBD oil which was really difficult to source out here in Mexico. She just had her second dose this morning and is really relaxed, a little too relaxed for my comfort, so I would suggest if you are going to use CBD oil, give it in the evening. Thank you Dr for your amazing information. You are a very special person and the caring concern you show is evident in all your videos.

  8. I need your help. What tests/questions should I ask? A week ago my I was told my cairn terroir had anemia, infection, enlarged spleen, thickening of the lining of her stomach and spots on her liver. Lucy turned nine in June. When I asked repeatedly why, where is the infection, etc., i was told she's old, repeatedly. This is not an answer. The average life span is 15. She responded to the antibiotic given by injection a week ago. The last two days she has really failed and last night she could only walk to the corner (3) houses down before I had to carry her back. I actually called the vet out of surgery to ask if she thought the spots on her liver was ca. The answer was I don't think so, she's an old dog. I am about to take her in today. Her next appointment is for a week from today for another blood screening, but I don't want to wait a week. BTW, I live in Mexico, in the mountains but both Lucy and I are from Canada. I hate to put this on you as your time is valuable, and it's impossible to even begin to diagnose the dog without seeing her. I just wish I knew where to go from here. I'm a retired RN and understand a great amount about testing, blood screening, etc., but when it comes to this situation I am at a complete loss.

  9. Hi Dr. Jones, my dog has been scratching his eye & his muzzle also rubbing it on the floor. The more he scratches it bleeds. I know its allergies & I have been giving him Benadryl every 8 hours. Pls help me! What is the best home remedies for me to help my 2 yr old American bully.

  10. Dr Jones plz help. I am struggling with money at the moment and i cant go see the Vet until at least 2- 3 weeks from now but one of my dog lower back is always itching. She cant reach there and scratch herself but she tries. I feel bad for her but reall just cant go to see a vet at the moment and i feel like a bad owner, called my vet and they dont want to help without seeing the dog first im so frustrated. Plz any tip on what could cause it and how to help her. She doesnt have any red skin or any visible sign other than its clearly bothering her shes always trying to reach and bite there. PLZ HELP

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