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  1. When picking my out dandelion root, does it matter which time of the year, or which stage the plant is at when I collect the roots?
    For me, it is now early June in New York. The Yellow flowers and seeds are gone. Some stalks are still standing, but most have broken, fallen over.
    Does that matter? Or can you collect the roots at any time, any stage of grow, and time of year?????

  2. Sugars, no matter what sugars, feeds cancer, Medicine is medicine, pure and simple, it doesn't need to taste good, it needs to work. Cat's are a bit different, our dogs don't smell it lick it or anything that will tak any amount of time, it's just gone.

  3. My dog was just diagnosed with lymphoma:(
    Absolutely devastating. She has had mast cell tumors her whole life practically. She just turned 9 in October. I have an appointment with an oncologist on the 6th. I’m hoping there’s something I can do to help prolong her life. I’ll never be ready to say goodbye no matter how old she is. I’m going to try this hopefully it helps even if it’s just a little

  4. Hi and thank you for this video. We have a 6 year old Spinone Italiano who has been diagnosed so far (still waiting for the exact anaysis result from a lab in Germany) with acute lymphoproliferative neoplasia (acute lymphatic leukemia or blast crisis of a stage V lymphoma) and she has had her first chemotherapy a few days ago on Thursday (12. August 21). Next chemo is planned on Tuesday, 17. August. We want to add dandelion root tea to her care, but wanted to be sure whether it would not interfere with the chemo or make it worse when combined? Researching on the internet we've encountered different opinions and study results, but as we're not medical professionals, can't make the decision ourselves.

  5. Dear Doc, I have a question: I prepared this for one of my cats some years ago and it prolonged her life. Now I need it again for another cattie of mine with cancer (in october she will be 7). QUESTION: is the root that I still have from 2 years ago still efficient? Also, if she doesn't want to drink it, could it be given through baxter? Thanks a million!

  6. hello. new subscriber. my cat does not like the tea and its hard to get it in her even with syringe. I bought wild harvest org dandelion root capsules- serv 3 capsules= 1200mg. not sure how much of the capsule to give her. is it half a capsule sprinkled in her food? and how many times per day – 2or 3 x day?
    well, i hope i am not over dosing her. i tried looking up online, no luck. not sure proper dosage of capsules for cats.

  7. I worry about advising untrained people to inject a liquid into an animals mouth as some may inject it straight into the throat and cause a choking hazard. Also if the animal doesn't like the taste ( if you have to shoot it into their mouth, that means they don't ) or the process frightens them, trying to dose them several times a day is just going to become a bigger battle each time. I would recommend mixing it into a beef or chicken broth or anything you know they like. The point is to get the medicine into them with the least amount of resistance.

  8. I've read a lot of "articles" stating that dandelion can have a positive impact on cushing's disease in dogs. Is it actually effective? I want to try natural remedies with the least side effects as possible.

  9. So many of these plant base compounds are actually powerful natural anti-fungals. These compounds are the plants defense system against fungi in the wild. Fungi's job is to turn unhealthy living or dead things back into soil. Fungi have the ability to mix their DNA in with weakened living animal DNA to create a mutated cell. Cancer is nothing more than a massive fungal infection. They call it Cancer to keep it all some big mystery which its not.

  10. Thank you for this video…. My dog was just diagnosed with cancer in her lip…. I've always know this root is a life saver! My vet thinks it's the water in our area…. We're gonna save her I just know it ! I'm an old Wiccan that's been laughed at an given crap over… But I won't give up… Vo is only going on five an been by my side through out everything,I won't give up…. Keep up the good work and God bless you! Let you know!

  11. and who make this tea up coping Essiac tea! lol you can take in extract and other forms too. I guess. I did see a medical study where it did show positive effects. Just add to the Essiac tea along with periwinkle which was also one of original herbs in the essiac someone took out, but the research does show on periwinkle that it does have agents that can destroy cancer cells itself and kill part of blood that allows them to spread…so why it was taken out of essiac formula, ii have no idea unless she just did not have enough research back then on that part, which is what i think. I just ordered them all myself, and mixed.. taking them along with 2000 mg of Vitamin C twice a day, a detox, and juicing carrots & apples 2x day, and veggies 2x day from Gerson Cancer instatue, and then eating one really large salad with only 20% iceberg and rest according to Gerson Cancer… I tried the diet and just could not make it on that, was too hard, but cut back on bad things.

  12. Thank you doctor for the tips. Had I known before I would have saved my two female dogs Bonny an american cocker and Linda a french poodle.
    Thank you mother naturefor your powerful products.

  13. Great video!!!After making an ultrasound on my dog shows a liver mass with a fluid inside, that is why doctor could not take a sample to send to pathologist, My dog has previos ear cancer and we did a TECA on him last year, and it works like a wonder surgeryDoctors think with the previous record from before that liver mass could be cancer as well,( even they took a sample of the fluid on the belly(ascites) and did not shows cancer cells this time),but they do not recommend surgery  because is a 12 years dog and is a very invasive surgery and is very probable mass could not be complete removed and it will be worse,is up to my decision, really don't know what to do,My dogs seems hapy, eating well, likes to walk,just the belly is a little bloated due to the fluid(ascites) I'm giving him a very alkaline diet to keep the ph on 7.5,using organic meat and baking soda in water, as per Dr Simoncini recommend for humans , is there anything else that can be done???I'm thinking to try the dandelion too ,Please help!!!

  14. Thanks a million there again. And talking dosage: should I manage to get fresh juice out of the root, I guess for a 2,5 kg cat , about 4 drop a day should be enough? Or is that too little? Thanks in advance for trying to answer my questions. Tiny

  15. Dear Doc – just to check the dosage as the video is maybe a bit confusing at the end (you spoke about 45 ml to be given throughout the day to Tula but then you say something about 6 or 7 of those 15ml injection tubes. Based on what you say before though I do this with my cat weighing 2.5 kgs: I prepare half a teaspoon with 30 ml water (max 7-8 min or everything is gone!) and then give it to her throughout the day, so this portion divided over 2-3 times. Is that right?? I converted the measures and calculated proportionally but then got confused at the end of the video. Thanks a million

  16. Dear Doc, sorry for insisting (- it must be my ignorance -): but tea tincture and fresh root juice are not the same thing according to me? So the question is: is the fresh juice (squeezed with a blender I use to make carrot juice etc) ok, and how many drops would I have to mix through her food? Also, in another video I saw you showing the tincture for cats and dogs (2 different ones) that would be ok to buy, or would they not have the same effect of the fresh ground made tea? Sorry again, and thanks a million. Have a wonderful Sunday, Tiny

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