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  1. 👍we dont have a Dog, but its important that everyone knows this important information anyway. Then that way we can rescue anyones Dog that dont know how to do CPR on a Dog, or Puppy.
    Is this for Cats too?

  2. Tx you just never know, if nothing else at least breathing May be enough to save the dog if you can get them to care. Dont press too hard or you can break their ribs. Blessings

  3. Thank you Dr Jones! Very helpful. Although I pray I will never need to do this.
    A long time ago, my Shepherd Chow was in bed with me. I sleep with my dogs. I woke up, he was dead leaning up against me. He was still warm. I wish I had known how to do this. He died of blout. Dr. Said there wasn't anything I could have done.
    He was absolutely beautiful dog. Everybody commented in how good looking he was. His frame was perfect, cinnamon color with the curled tail. He was awesome. I miss him a lot. He wasn't old at all. About 9. Years old, but still young behavior. I know I will see him again.
    Thank you again, fir this info.

  4. Honestly, who would give such a useful informative video, literally a life saving video, a thumbs down? Smh! Thank you Dr Jones for your expertise.

  5. I am a nurse well for human. I have done cpr for human but never to a dog. Our Hachi is 3 years old lively Lhasa Apso. Thank you for showing me and all how to do a cpr for a dog.

  6. What if the airway is indeed blocked and the air from our rescue breaths does not inflate the lungs?? Could you please give us some instructions for that as well???This is ofcourse in case we cannot see and remove the obstruction.

  7. QUESTION: if a BIG dog colapses on his left side, can we do the cpr on his right side or we have to turn him on his right site in order to compress the left side?

  8. I love your videos! I have worked with, had to visit and watched YouTube videos with so many different veterinarians. You are by far one of my favorites!!! If I lived in your area I would bring all my babies to you. I have been a groomer for over ten years and also enjoy helping animals any way I can. Thank you for uploading so many helpful videos.

  9. This was really informative Thank You. I’m all up to date on my human CPR/ first aid and I’m grateful for you sharing your vast knowledge especially finding correct positioning and finding pulses.

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