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  1. Good morning doctor, I'm from India. I have been watching your channel for a long time. Doctor I have a five year old lab male. He has put on lot of weight for the past six months. My vet done a thyroid test on him and the result is hypo throid. We started the medicine. he told me that he has to take for his entire life. is thyroid is non curable in pets? Can you suggest something else? Pl reply. Thanks

  2. Purina is having chicken feed problems too. I would never buy it. As Pet Parents, we need to be very careful what we feed them. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Can you please talk in one of your videos about dogs heart disease. My mini pin was recently diagnosed with cardiomegaly. The vet prescribed several medications like Lasix, lisinopril and some other pet heart med ( I forgot the name) . We were giving him meds for a few days than our baby got very sick, was shaking, not eating, developed UTI symptoms etc. of course we stopped meds gave him antibiotics for UTI. Few days latter he had episode look like seizure or mini stroke. We took him to the emergency. They did stray, again saw cardiomegaly, also lots of bladder stones. Vet poor him on a low dose of benazepril. What are your thoughts about it? What can we have him for his heart issues? Please help. Thank you in advance

  4. Haii doctor…my dog is suffering from a big wound for 2 years…now it has spread all over his right leg…it is suffering lot…I have gave many medicine prescribed by vertinary doctor..given many injections but no improvement…now it spread all over his leg…please help me to cure his wound please doctor

  5. Hello doctor! I have a new problem with my 11 month old pup he is developing some black spots on his body since few months earlier it was confined to only near his tail so I thought it's normal but now I see it in his legs stomach chest too. Please help as what do.
    Otherwise my pup is very healthy runs like a horse. Another issue is that he is not getting chubby or fat could there be worms as only once his deworming was done when worms were seen in his poop.
    Please provide the IST TIME for the webinar too as you have subscribers from India 🇮🇳

  6. My dogs are on costco Kirkland brand. Last week all my pups got super sick with
    Diarrhea and some threw up. I did call costco to see if others have been having issues. I wonder what dog food name is the provider for Kirkland. Thankfully after a week and a half all my pups are happy again with solid stools. Never lost their appetite for the most part. I put them on pre and probiotics and pumpkin purée

  7. Thank you so much, Dr Drew. Truly you are a gift to our beloved pets and a man of GREAT compassion and MORALS! A very rare thing in these difficult times. God bless you and yours. 💕🙏✝️🥰

  8. I believe my cats(kidney disease) and dog(liver disease)all suffer in some way from the malnutrition in the dog/cat food that is out in the market, and that includes the high priced ones, it's all garbage. I listened to a Vet that graduated from Cornell in the 70s. He said, there are no studies about nutrition for dogs. When he went to college, cancer in dogs was mostly an old age disease. Now it shows up in young pets, and 1 out of 2. My question is why?

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