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  1. Nooooooo. I was ready to drive 5 hours and sleep over night for a couple in my car for this meet n greet (Still coming January undoubtedly). Hope you and everyone that shows up this weekend has a fucking blast. Already can not wait till you double back. Only one thing though. You gotta keep dropping bangers till then. Which I know you will 💯💯💯.

  2. Yola my dude I've been seeing your vids all over my feed and shorts, I think you're slightly less shadowbanned than before? Either way keep it up man 🙏🏼👍🏼

  3. IM 20 years old and live in Ny. Was so excited to see you, guess ill have to just wait till after christmas to meet you in person brother. Yola been watching you for 4-5 years now, i listen to all the podcasts and videos you post. Love what your doing with The Dopest. Have a dope ass day man, keep making people smile.

  4. You're so honest and legit on it all I appreciate you explaining for folks I'm in Arkansas and pray to find you closer one of these days although medical is legal here thank God! Ive missed watching your videos I haven't been online as much to catch up here lately

  5. Yola bro, cmon im sure Marty is tellin you the same thing. You in NYC, come up to Buffalo. They have so many weedfests in the next coming months 😂😂 Plus Marty gotta come with his Bills gear 😂😂😂

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