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  1. Good review.. grabbed some after this vid and it's a wonderful hit for very little $

    I've spent $40 on Pax cartridges that don't taste this good

  2. I can't lie I'm over here INHALING on a SATIVA cartridge i got a half gram for 20 dollars even. I can't lie I really do prefer my cannabis to be more strain specific than just saying SATIVA indica and hybrid I just like to know what I'm inhaling. When I'm medicating i figure that strains have names for a reason. I guess you can just say I'm one of. those guys, lol but I guess I am. I'm also like ive definitely had oil cartridges that are far more potent I also do use medicinally and I don't ALWAYS NEED TO BE SO HIGH EVERY TIME I MEDICATE. EVEN THOUGH I DO ENJOY TO USE RECREATIONALLY AS WELL BUT I ALSO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING CALLED OVER CONSUMPTION AS WELL THIS IS COMING FROM A RECOVERING HEROIN ADDICT WHO ALSO BELIEVES WHOLE HEARTEDLY THAT THE CANNABIS PLANT PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN ME GETTING AND STAYING heroin free which is EXACTLY what I needed. I HAVE ALMOST 3 YEARS CLEAN ON MAY 12TH OF THIS YEAR.

  3. I bought the 1/8th from them 8ts good shit really and it's cheap not like these people trying to charge $60 for an eighth of weed it's crazy old pal is one of the best companies

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