One of the Greatest Feuds In Wrestling: Kaufman vs Lawler | I Was There

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The most publicized wrestling rivalry of all time, Andy Kaufman vs Jerry “The King” Lawler, left many wondering where the line …

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  1. I think Andy Kaufman was one of the greatest comedians to have ever existed. He was extremely aware of what he did, what people thought, and absolutely enjoyed messing around with peoples mind.

  2. kool ..i recall seeing all of that as a kid ..8th grade 🙂 i also recall seeing wwf full cards being broadcast on some cable network in the midwest from MSG the early 80's as well ..good times

  3. Vice won't let me log in through my tv provider on their site. It doesn't say invalid credentials or anything, it processes as normal but doesn't go through. Any advice?

  4. Leave it to Jim Cornette to narrate such a fascinating story involving 2 of the best forms of entertainment (pro wrestling and comedy) colliding in such an epic and enduring fashion.

  5. Maybe some may find Kuafman funny, but I think he was one of the most boring performers. But this was an amazing angle, and who better than the legendary Jim Cornette to narrate it. Corny is king.

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