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  1. Itd be helpful if you made a video on euthanising a pet at home. My 17 Jack Russell is scheduled for euthanasia tomorrow at the vet clinic but I'd really like to do it at home. I've read about Benadryl but I really wouldn't want to muck it up so I will take him to the vets but I have two more dogs at home and one is 15 and has heart disease. Id really like to find a way to euthanise him humanely at home if there was a way when the time comes 😔 I'd like him to be in an environment he knows and is comfortable with. I know vets can do home visits but cost wise is there a way to do it at home using OTC medications?

  2. I have used this for my dog and it works. He gets yeasty ears in the summer (Az 106F). I prefer this to paying a Vet $200 + for treatment with a tiny amount of drops which didn't help much!

  3. My friend's dog had a massive ear infection, full of puss. The vet wouldn't help and jumped to put the dog down. He called me for help. It took over an hour and 2 bottles of peroxide to clean the infection out. So gross. I showed him how to do it and gave him the number/address of a good vet. If it's good enough for humans, good enough for a pup.

  4. Thanks doc! I will try this next time I see these signs; my little girl just received an Oti-pack at our appointment. We've apparently had a surge in yeast ear infections after the hurricane in Florida last year.

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