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  1. Drug rehabs around the US are filled with people that are the kids of people that did outlandish “dads a punk” and “moms a hoe” shit. I know. So maybe it’s me but I feel like it’s too bad some kids gotta watch and hear/read about their parents shit all over the place.

  2. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos couldn't keep their wives happy. They're divorced. BILLIONAIRES!! Kanye isnt special and he's a billionaire too! He needs to man up. We all been thru it. Women are gonna do what they want. They pick YOU no matter what you think. When they're done, they are done. He needs to take his kids on vacation with his money and shut the f. U. C. K. up

  3. I dont get why someone could criticize Pete Davidson for hooking up with Kim kardashian just for the fact that She recently got divorced when Kanye literally like a week from the break up was already with a girl and all over the media

  4. She cold blooded bruh. B real is kinda unrealistic with the just move on from your entire family attitude. What pisses me off is yall dont acknowledge how divorce breaks a man. It's just Pete's funny 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Kanye is a F’n egoistic sniveler!!!

    Kanye disrespected Kim for way too long, now he wants to bitch about the Repercussions! com’on.

    I like, Pete! he makes Kim laugh! He does & say’s what MOST! are afraid to do & say. He’s got BALL’s, now what!
    Kanye pushed, Pete pushed back harder.

    Pushing back when someone DON’T! let up and added LAUGHTER! are Both HUGE! Pluses.
    (whether, you believe it OR! not.)

  6. i think they were friends.

    but regardless, he's made fun of kanye in the past. there's definitely history. kim knew choosing pete would trigger him.

    also, we're talking about a person that branded themselves with the name of someone they just got involved with (not to mention other tattoos – and candles). i wouldn't want someone like that around my children. that sounds like a legitimate stalker.

  7. Women like Kim will use simps like pete Davidson to boil blood
    It’s a revenge tactic alot of lil weasels use cos nowadays they hide behind and use woke feminism to get away with not getting knocked out by the husbands

  8. I don’t like either of these fux. Pete wants Clout and Kanye is batshit crazy. Crazy because he’s…. Well- crazy…. And crazy because he actually thought Kim would stay with him? She’s a materialistic opportunist plastic fake. The definition of it. She wants that Netflix clout.

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