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  1. I never heard of green crack in the '70s? Am I wrong they didn't even have real crack in the '70s I don't like it that they call weed green crack do you? Well my favorite kind of weed I ever had was Gorilla Glue number four that I grew in my closet. And I still have some left from May LOL. I like the wedding cake also and the Tangy weed it tasted like oranges and it was really good also. Back in the seventies we were lucky if we could get Panama Red Acapulco Gold or Thai weed once in awhile where I live anyway I'm not in California. Dirtweed from Buffalo that's what I got until we started getting Jamaican and seedless that was good. Now it's like holy crap there's weed everywhere and no more seeds and no more crappy Mexican yay! And supposedly it's legal in New York. I wasn't really ecstatic about the Native American weed around here they've been selling for all that money and it's only MIDI that was a shame. And who knows where that weed on the reservation is coming from cuz it's not coming all from the reservation is it? The only sure way to know what you're smoking is to grow your own. Unfortunately the drug dealers even put fentanyl in weed. I haven't seen any and I don't want to but it's out there. I should have been growing Blue Dream months ago. It is supposed to be 70% sativa ilgm blue dream. And damn it it better be good for 20 bucks a seed

  2. If you guys are such cannabis experts, why even bother mentioning the terpenes, especially with regard to the feeling of the high? It’s well known and understood that terpenes have no effect on the subjective feeling of the intoxicating effects. They simply alter the smell and flavour but not the high. Also, seeing as you listed the same 3 terpenes for every strain you mentioned, why even bother?

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