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  1. Drew who did u use when u got your prescription?? Iv filled out the forms ect and been accepted for a consultation with sapphire clinics I just need to pay the £50 fee & £50 one time repeat prescription fee can you please get bk to me or is there a way we can talk? Thanks bro appreciate ya

  2. For bud I skip 1 and go to two -three – then stir it with a toothpick then burn the green off with four (two and three should progressively taste the terps and brown it 4 will burn it all off after the dark brown transition after level 3

    Starting at three or 4 ruins it

    For wax I go 3 then 4 And sometimes Waite to insert to concentrate cartridge till green in level 3 or level 4

  3. Nice review thank you for sharing.
    My main set up is the Mighty with a glass water piece/bong. I find it refreshing and easier to take bigger rips at higher temps

  4. I’d be keen to hear a follow up review maybe after a week or so of using! It’s my daily drive and I love it so hearing your perspective would be dope! keep up the work g 🇦🇺🙏🏽

  5. I just got mine two days ago, and i gotta say it's amazing. Its definitely different. put it on boost mode with 3/4 lights strength. That's the best in my opinion. It's important to keep it clean I'm finding out too lol. Every other day, if you use it every day like I do

  6. What a HUGE difference packing it!! I’ve been using mine wrong for 5 years!!! You gotta try the special oven attachment. Let’s you control how much you put in! Cheers brother from Canada!!!

  7. I never wanted to buy a pax due to its shit reviews, but I have been looking for a propper vape that allows me to , as you refer to sipping. This review totally changed my mind on this vape, and might consider buying this in the future.

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